Robin Schooling

Build Effective HRBP and Manager Partnerships for Organizational Success

Robin Schooling, HR Thought Leader, Strategist & Managing
Director, Silver Zebras LLC

Talent management must be a top priority for all managers in an organization. Partnering with HR & Recruiting professionals will drive effectiveness in the process, but it is the organizational leaders who must embrace a talent management mindset.

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Ruth Ross

Coming Alive: The Journey To Reengage Your Life And Career

Ruth Ross, President,
R Squared Resources

Nobody is immune to employee disengagement, the fast spreading affliction that costs organizations $ 500 Billion per year in lost productivity. The issue is sweeping across the business world and touching nearly every industry with 70% of the workforce self-identifying as being disengaged.

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Brian Jenkins

HRBP Executive Coaching Strategies Built on Trust and Performance

Brian Jenkins, PHR, HR Business Partner, PPS Managed Print Services
Hewlett-Packard Company

Get proven coaching strategies that will elevate the performance & results for both HRBPs & executives, how to build a relationship built on trust, & ways to remove barriers that may be inhibiting relationships.

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Corey Sullivan

How to be Strategic While Minding Tactical HR Duties and Balancing a Heavy Workload

Corey Sullivan, Senior HR Business Partner,
FireEye Inc.

This session will present strategies that truly proficient HRBPs must master in order to attain the fine balance between the standard transactional HR operations in conjunction with delivering strategic support to the business.

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Workforce Intelligence & Strategy 2009 to 2019: Reviewing Change in the Workforce to Gain Insights on Managing for SWP

Joe Santana, Strategic Management Diversity & Inclusion Consultant & Coach, President of Joseph Santana, LLC

Join us for this stimulating 60 minute session on intelligently managing workforce change, communication, and diversity, where we will look back and look forward with a grounded, robust and targeted discussion on applying change management for Strategic Workforce Planning.

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Hiring for HCAHPS: How Human Resources Can Influence Patient Satisfaction Scores

Mike Bartkus , Vice President of East Region

You can consciously hire better candidates that help achieve outstanding patient satisfaction scores—and many human resources leaders are already doing so. Increasingly hospitals are hiring based on an employee’s proven ability to conform to HCAHPS standards.

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david creelman

Mind the Gap: The Crisis of Leadership Development in Knowledge Based Firms

David Creelman, CEO, Creelman Research and co-founder, Creelman Lambert

Have you ever seen a leader in a knowledge based firm suddenly ‘blow up’ after a promotion? Maybe someone really bright, who understands their specialty, flailing around (and to be blunt, pissing people off) after they have been moved to a senior role?

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Linda Taylor

Supplier Diversity: What is the Business case and what does it have to do with me, the D & I Professional!

Linda Taylor, Director, Diversity, Inclusion & Worklife

What is the supplier diversity business case; is it the same for public, private, and nonprofit entities? How can we effectively integrate it with Diversity and Inclusion for greater partnerships and synergies?

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michael ireland

How Diversity + Strategic Leadership = Breakthrough Business Impact

Michael Ireland, Co-Founder

Join this session as us we discuss fresh insights about the new waves of Diversity and how Strategic Leadership has the potential to fully integrate Diversity and Inclusion into organizational cultures and drive long-term, self-renewing strategic performance.

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Gain Recruiter Buy-in for Social Recruiting with Training and Tools

Shahbaz Alibaig, Recruitment Technology Manager, Talent Acquisition
Global HR Operations, GE

The best social media platform with the best candidates is worthless if your recruiters don’t use it. This webcast will focus on giving recruiters easy-to-use tools, & foundational training on sourcing & social recruiting.

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Tisa Jackson

Build for Sustainability: Develop and Execute a Culturally Relevant Transformational Diversity Inclusion

Tisa Jackson, Vice President, Corporate Diversity and Inclusion
Union Bank, N.A.

After decades of working to execute corporate diversity management initiatives, companies still struggle. Now in a global business community with differing views of diversity the task is even greater.

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evan guzman

The Consumer and Employer Brand Relationship

Evan Guzman, Head of Military Programs & Veteran Affairs, Global Strategic Talent Acquisition, Verizon

A positive consumer brand, especially coupled with a great product can create momentum and excitement and attract candidates to the company. On the flip side, a negative consumer brand can create disgruntled job seekers who don’t believe the employer brand.

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