How to Develop an Agile and Innovative Talent Strategy

Jamie Clark, Director, Retail Human Capital, Deloitte

Develop a winning talent strategy that strives for increased agility and innovation.

To thrive in today’s retail marketplace, you need an innovative, forward-thinking talent strategy—one that leverages the new set of “rules” for attracting and retaining talent that embraces the digital revolution.

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Sure-Fire Methods to Get Passive Candidates to Respond to Your Recruiting Efforts

Katrina Collier, Social Recruiting Specialist and Trainer, Winning Impression

You’re “on” social media, you use it to source candidates and might even post content in order to lure people to your online accounts.

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Identifying the 21st Century High Potential: A Unique Combination of Skills and Performance

Pamela Stroko, Vice President, HCM Transformation & Thought Leadership,

What does it mean to be High Potential in today’s talent environment? Do organizations have the right leaders and managers to grow high potential talent?

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Anthem Inc. Case Study: How Higher Education for Working Adults Improves Employee Engagement

Patricia Shields, College for America at Southern New Hampshire University

Changing demographics, increasing customer centricity, and widening skills gaps are bringing new challenges to the workforce. Learn how and why a small business-education pilot in New Hampshire turned into a nationwide initiative for Anthem, Inc.

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Developing and Empowering Your Future Leaders with a Self-Directed Learning Strategy

Todd Tauber, VP of Product Marketing at  Degreed

We’ve entered the content curation era. The number of learning resources has exploded, and content is readily available and easy to access. 85% of employees do not feel the training they are getting at work is preparing them for their next position, so they’re taking learning into their own hands

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How HP Motivates Their Employees to Embrace the Employee Referral Program

Evan Dunn, Talent Acquisition Manager, HP Inc.

A successful employee referral program solicits candidates from existing employees who know the workplace culture and job requirements.

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Kevin Rutherford

Healthcare in 2016: Building a Targeted Talent Acquisition Strategy to Combat Looming Challenges

Kevin Rutherford, Chief Talent Officer

The US healthcare market is undergoing unprecedented regulatory, financial and competitive disruption. Care providers’ roles are changing rapidly, and mainstay healthcare delivery strategies that were successful in the past will not suffice in the future.

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Upscale Your Candidate Interviews: Cut out the Noise & Focus on the Right Questions

Dr. Mia Mulrennan, I/O Psychologist, President and Chief Motivations Mapper, Rave-Worthy

Candidates will always (hopefully) put their best foot forward when interviewing for a prospective job they are interested in. On paper, and possibly in person, they will appear to be your next super-star and you would never hire someone you thought couldn’t perform.

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The Candidate Courtship: Personalize Recruiting, Create Engagement, and Communicate Your Employer Brand

Michael Goldberg, Director, Talent Acquisition National Center, American Heart Association | American Stroke Association

In this session we will discuss how to think about candidates more broadly, as in, you aren’t just targeting active job seekers, you’re luring in passive prospects too, and how to tailor your ongoing engagement to suit all of these people.

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Four Simple Secrets to Engage Employees & Increase Performance

Judy L. Schueler, Senior Advisor, Office of the CEO Retired VP, Organization Development & Human ResourcesUniversity of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS)

Engaged employees equal higher-productivity and performance, lower turnover and advocates of your brand which translates into more qualified future candidates and overall success.

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Marketing Techniques to Upscale Recruiting Success

Chrystal Moore, Talent Acquisition Consultant, Philips

Much like marketing a product line and company brand, successful recruiting means getting the right jobs in front of the right candidates at the right time.

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How Predictive Talent and HR Analytics Apply to Deliver Superior Patient Centered Care

Dr. Courtney McCashland, Chief Executive Officer, TalentMine

As healthcare providers, we can only deliver consistently high quality through talented patient care teams. Through predictive talent analytics, TalentMine’s Team Quality Match (TQM) has been scientifically linked to improved HCAHPS, CAHPS, Safety, Employee Retention, Employee Engagement and reduced Patient Length of Stay.

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