Summit Agenda

Day One: Monday, February 24, 2014

Connecting the dots between Strategic Talent Management, Business Strategy, and Strategic Recruitment!

In our volatile global economy with both rapid technology and market change, staffing executives have come to expect that frequent changes in strategy and tactics are a given to compete. How do we in recruiting add value and support the business by aligning hiring to their needed capability and capacity in order that the organization can meet these challenges head on in the near, short and long term?

  • How does your company’s talent strategy & business model impact recruitment strategy?
  • What is the new talent acquisition DNA required for a real proactive recruitment process?

Kevin Rutherford, Principal, Talent Leap; Formerly, VP, HR Borders and SVP, HR Michaels Arts and Crafts; Former Senior Faculty and Trainer, SWP, HCI 2005 – 2010

Predictive Hiring: How to Predict Which Candidates will Succeed in Your Organization

The facts are clear – most companies today need to do a better job selecting talent. Recent survey data collected by the Corporate Executive Board indicates that nearly a quarter of all new hires leave their companies within a year, and that hiring managers wish that they never extended an offer to one of every five members of their team. And a recent Gallup survey found that 52% of American workers were “not engaged” with their work and another 18% were “actively disengaged.”

Can you afford to miss an opportunity to learn how best-in-class organizations are using new technologies to scientifically assess talent before hiring, resulting in lower turnover, higher job performance, and greater employee engagement?

In this presentation, you will:

  • Learn about new solutions that predict candidate success.
  • Discover how best-in-class organizations are incorporating these new solutions into their hiring process.
  • See the bottom-line results realized by these best-in-class practitioners.

Kevin Young, VP of Marketing, SkillSurvey

Networking Break
PANEL DISCUSSION: Building the Case for Candidate Experience  – From the Evidence

What exactly would it mean if candidates and employers were ‘partners’ when it came to sharing information about themselves during the business process we call ‘recruiting’? Would it change how employers present themselves? Would they be more transparent, more authentic, more likely to listen to unqualified applicants; more likely to train their recruiters to handle feedback? How would you measure it?

Would treating ALL candidates better even make a difference in the quality of candidates that applied? Would it impact conversion rates, retention, referrals by candidates who weren’t even hired? How about its effect on how customers…who are often candidates, would they continue to purchase products and services…or not?

Panel Moderated by
Gerry Crispin, Principal & Co-Founder, CareerXroads

Stacy Van Meter, Executive. Director, Talent Acquisition, Social & Employment Brand, Deluxe Corporation (Candidate Experience Award Winner, 2011, 2012, 2013)

Kristi Breen, Vice President, Disney International and Campus Recruiting, Walt Disney

Ben Martin, Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition, Lockheed Martin

CASE STUDY:  Precision Engineering of a World Class Recruitment Function at Rolls Royce

Aligning global recruiting with business demand  by partnering with the engineering leaders at Rolls Royce.

Jeff Lackey, Global Head of Resourcing, Rolls Royce

12:00 –1:00
Networking Lunch
PANEL: Is there one best way to get started using social media for sourcing, passive recruiting, and promoting your Brand with talent communities? What are the Best Practices for jumping in and jumpstarting your social recruiting?

From LinkedIn to Twitter, and many other sites and channels in between, how can we be most effective with Social Media.

Stacy Van Meter, Executive. Director, Talent Acquisition, Social & Employment Brand, Deluxe Corporation

Chuck Lotz, Senior Vice President, Manager,StrategicStaffing, First Citizens Bank

Jodi Krakar, Director, Talent Acquisition, Life & Retirement, AIG

Track A: Adopting Innovation when you don’thave the Power of Brand Track B: Executing when you have Strong Brand Recognition
Interactive Session: Going Video to Modernize Recruitment And Getting Great Candidate Satisfaction To Boot!

In this Interactive session, leaders of top tier organizations will first share their challenges, obstacles, and successes with Video, and then open this up to a discussion of your experiences and questions.

Led by:
Jason Rundell, Director, Corporate Technology Recruiting, Thomson Reuters

Come prepared to share your experience!

Interactive Session Storytelling: How to Captivate Talent with Your Message

Storytelling 101 in the new world of social media, branding, and marketing.: Being a great storytelling has always been one of the key attributes of a great recruiter. These days, what works best is being visual, being short, and being instant. There is so much to distract people that messages need to grab attention fast. You can tell a story in 7 seconds through media like Vine. Alex will share tips and shortcuts from his experience doing exactly this for both large enterprises like YP and small start ups like Case- Mate.

Led by: Alex Putman, Director, Talent Branding & Acquisition, YP (Yellow Pages)

CASE STUDY: “Getting it Right When Every Candidate Counts”. At TOA Technologies,A Small, Fast Growth Technology Company, There is Little Wiggle Room for Less Than The Best Every Time.

Michael McDonnell, Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition, TOA Technologies

PRESENTATION: Analyze Strategic Decisions for Talent Attraction, Talent Branding, and Digital Strategy.

Benefit from the unique insights that Carrie Corbin shares in this session from her vantage point having been the lead executive in digital strategy and employment branding for talent attraction. She will talk about “why” decisions were made, how it was related to strategy, and the obstacles in keeping this strategic focus.

Carrie Corbin, Recruitment Operations Manager, Samsung Telecommunications; Formerly, Associate Director, Strategic Staffing & Talent Acquisition (Employment Branding & Digital Strategy), AT&T

Networking Break
Partnering on Branding & Talent Attraction Using Social Media
INTERACTIVE SESSION: Building Brands from the bottom up and inside out with social media

The focus of this session will be on sharing models and sharing tools to help you in ‘getting started’ using your current resources to have a blueprint, a framework,  and a structure for ‘going forward” with you team.

Jackie Blair, Global Employment Brand and Recruitment Marketing Leader Consultant, 3M

INTERACTIVE: Leveraging Digital Strategies to Manage Your Employer Brand

The marriage between digital marketing and talent attraction has evolved over the last decade to include social, mobile, SEO/SEM, and email.

Successes happen, obstacles occur and proactive strategies resolve.

  • What are the best practices to evaluate and monitor your digital employer brand?
  • What tools, partnerships and processes enable an effective employer brand?

Facilitators include:
Charlotte Jones, Recruitment Marketing Leader,
Lockheed Martin

Alex Putman, Director, Talent Branding & Acquisition, YP (Yellow Pages)

PLENARY CASE STUDY: Evolution of an RPO Partnership: Building a Strong Multi-National Talent Acquisition Solution

Multi-country recruitment process outsourcing (MCRPO) deals continue to grow as large organizations realize the benefits of a customized, centralized recruiting and hiring solution, MedImmune, a world-leading biotechnology company, is one of the companies experiencing the benefits of MCRPO. Join Allen Chilson, Associate Director of Employment Management at MedImmune and Amber York, VP of Sales and Solutions for The RightThing, an ADP Company as they discuss how their RPO partnership evolved from a single country, process focused solution to a successful and strategic multinational RPO partnership over the course of five years. Chilson and York will also share key results and meaningful metrics that contributed to success, best practices for building strong global RPO relationships, effective global recruiting strategies, and lessons learned along the way.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to effectively partner with an RPO provider from the earliest stages to promote a positive relationship
  • Strategies for examining and overcoming challenges
  • Methods for determining whether an RPO partnership is right for your organization

Allen Chilson, Associate Director, Employment Management, Medimmune
Amber York, Vice President, Sales and Solutions, The RightThing

Cocktail and Networking Reception

Day Two: Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
CASE STUDY: Aligning internal hiring, development, contingency hiring, and future forecasting with closing workforce gaps at International Paper.

Quinn will share how Talent Acquisition is partnering with functional leaders enterprise- wide to ensure that recruitment goals are more closely aligned with business needs, talent forecasting, and employee development. In doing this, workforce gaps are more proactively identified and closed in a way that supports the sustainability of the whole organization. The participants will gain an understanding of how International Paper has evolved in these areas over time through a case study that includes interpretive analysis to identify improvement opportunities and increase effectiveness.

Quinn Thompson, Director, Global Talent Acquisition, International Paper

PANEL: THE ADOPTION PARADOX: How Enterprise Talent Aquisition Organizations Fail Badly At Enterprise-Wide Acquisition Technology Launches

Our panel of technology oriented experts will candidly share their efforts at trial and error when addressing adoption failures that require consistent tinkering, adjusting and refining tools and technologies to meet the needs and desires of their teams

In this instructive session, together we will learn each of the following:

  • When innovation isn’t enough: Identifying common adoption caveats to new technologies, applications and strategies. How, Why and to what end?
  •  “Peeling back the onion”: What successful strategies that can be employed to approach different projects being worked on at one time by many people
  • The Relaunch Redux: Expensive technology transformations & key investments are too often rolled-out by cutting corners on needed consulting costs which can directly impact project management and technical know-how to ‘do it right the first time.”
  • The Wild cards – How to recognize early adopters within teams & defeat skeptics within

Facilitated by Dave Mendoza, Global, Talent Acquisition Strategies Consultant

Panel: John Turnberg, Senior Technical Recruiter, Apple

Bryan Chaney, Sourcing Executive, IBM

Sean Rehder, Principal, CRM Connections

Networking Break
CASE STUDY: Integrating Infrastructure and Technology to support Data Driven Recruiting at Fidelity

From Optimizing their Career Site to the early Developing of Mobile Apps,  Doreen addresses everything “but filing the reqs” to lead  strategic and innovative initiatives in this nationwide staffing organization within a regulatory financial environment.

Doreen Vreeland, Vice President, Staffing & Talent Acquisition Infrastructure, Fidelity

Building a Social Media Presence at Fidelity That Drives Sourcing and Supports the Brand.

Kelle Thompson, Director, Recruitment Strategies, Fidelity


CASE STUDY: Bringing Value to the Business Beyond Delivering Talent

Learn about the journey we started in 2008 as an early Linkedin Talent Solutions customer, and leveraged our talent acquisition success to bring broader business education and value using the Linkedin platform.   Also, hear how we involved other internal stakeholders in the game, resulting in a Social Media Task Force.   Think collaboration, education, and persistence.  

The journey is still unfolding….learn about our future plans!

Chuck Lotz, Senior Vice President, Manager, Strategic Staffing, First Citizens Bank

Networking Lunch
PRESENTATION: Through CHRO lenses: Finding, hooking, and keeping key talent in a culture that is anything but risk-averse

Capitalizing on talent in a pioneering 30 year-old start-up that hires for culture first. And last. But isn’t scared of taking risks in between.

Ross Scott, SVP and CHRO, Healthways

Track A: Adopting Data and Analytics Track B: Executing Data and Analytics
INTERACTIVE SESSION: Recruiting for Diversity to ensure hitting Diversity Metrics by adopting technology, using social media, and strategic sourcing.
  • What kind of commitment from Top Levels is helpful? How Aggressive should Enterprise-Wide Targets be?
  • What kind of collaboration helps reach diversity bench targets for Succession planning
  • What programs can jumpstart diversity initiatives for recruiting more women in technology
  • What works in partnering with Public Institutions and University Recruiting to access Diversity in STEM outreach?


INTERACTIVE SESSION: The Evolving Role of the Recruitment Director: How Enterprise TA Leaders Are Rapidly Shifting To Social Media Driven Recruiting And Where They Are Seeing Efficiencies and Effectiveness Increase and Where not (As Yet).

Moving Our In House Recruiting Organization from “Post & Pray” to Sourcing to Hire Through Technology, Social Media, and Data.

Jason Rundell, Director, Corporate Technology Recruiting, Thomson Reuters

DISCUSSION: Come prepared to engage in discussion afterward of how the Role of Recruitment Director has evolved in your Organization

Networking Break
PANEL: Re-evaluating your Talent Acquisition Metrics: Choosing the Meaningful Metrics and the Right Reporting Strategy

Mary Ann Downey, Principal, HR Metrics Coach;  Formerly, Manager, Recruiting Analytics, ING

Jeff Lackey, Global Head of Resourcing, Rolls Royce

Doreen Vreeland, Vice President, Staffing & Talent Acquisition Infrastructure, Fidelity

PANEL: THE SELECTION CHALLENGE: Evaluating candidates, assessing promise and potential,  identifying characteristics for success. A discussion to spotlight the challenges and different approaches used with different talent segments.

A review of the best assessment practices, techniques and tools for the selection of (hiring) potential and future leadership capability.

Panel Discussion with:

Cliff Stevenson, Senior Human Capital Researcher, Institute for Corporate Productivity

Glen Johnson, Director, Staffing & Recruitment, Delta Airlines

Bryan Chaney, Sourcing Executive, IBM


Facilitated by Kevin Rutherford, Principal, Talent Leap; Formerly, VP, HR Borders and SVP, HRMichaels Arts and Crafts; Former Senior Faculty and Trainer, SWP, HCI 2005 – 2010

Day Three: Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
PANEL ON GLOBAL RECRUITING How developed and emerging markets are transforming talent recruitment globally

Global Recruiting has become a fundamental competency in our profession as more and more companies expand business or operations globally.

This panel of corporate recruiting leaders will share professional experiences leading initiatives, processes and organizational teams in both developed and emerging markets.

Moderated by: Patrick Sullivan, Staffing Leader, Knowledge and Research, Google

Panelists include: Jacqui Robertson, Head of Inclusion and Diversity, Grainger

Laura Schmidt, Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition for Hilton Grand Vacations

Quinn Thompson, Director, Global Talent Acquisition, International Paper

PRESENTATION: Challenges and Lessons Learned In A Decade of Global Recruiting

The perspective of how global recruiting has evolved  and thoughts on what is needed for the future of global recruiting.

Patrick Sullivan, Staffing Leader, Knowledge and Research, Google

Networking Break
PRESENTATION: Challenges in Adopting Recruiting and Social Media Branding Globally. What are the better approaches, the caveats, and lessons already learned in adopting social media platforms across different countries and regions

Jackie Blair, Recruitment Marketing & Employment Branding Leader, Consultant, 3M


Using action learning facilitation, Kevin leads the group in roundtables that allow each attendee to receive direct feedback from peers on how to address their most pressing challenge when they return to the office!  This most important challenge is identified from sharing on last two days.

Facilitated by Kevin Rutherford, Principal, Talent Leap; Formerly, VP, HR Borders and SVP, HR Michaels Arts and Crafts; Former Senior Faculty and Trainer, SWP, HCI 2005 – 2010

Close of the Conference