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According to a recent survey of talent recruiters for Fortune 1000 companies conducted by Bayer Corporation, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workers are still in short supply and high demand with eighty-nine percent reporting that competition is fierce to fill open STEM jobs with four-year STEM degree holders. In addition, at both traditional and non-traditional STEM companies, job creation is on the rise while the talent pool available remains stagnant. However, some talent acquisition leaders have a different belief: That there is not a talent shortage at all. A report from the Economic Policy Institute in DC concludes that the US has more than enough people to fill most STEM positions, but because of the current state of the recruiting industry, open positions still aren’t being filled due to competition from non-STEM companies where STEM skills are increasingly attractive, and are offering more competitive pay and benefits than their STEM counterparts.

Whether You Agree or Disagree That There is a STEM Talent Shortage, the STEM Talent Landscape Looks Like This:

A shortage of degree holders, a growing trend of STEM graduates securing jobs outside the field, and job creation on the rise.

The Answer is Employing New Talent Acquisition Strategies Internally and Externally and Take Back Talent

For STEM and non-STEM companies alike, vacant STEM positions result in lower productivity, limited business growth, decreased revenue and ultimately, a hindered competitive edge. STEM recruiting is an increasingly critical factor for the overall health of our nation and its companies.

Featured Speakers – view full speaker list

Rodney Smoczyk
David Williams
Global Manager Talent Acquisition
FMC Technologies
Rodney Smoczyk
Rodney Smoczyk
Director, Talent Acquisition & HR Group
EDG Inc.
Shahbaz Albaig
Shahbaz Alibaig
Recruitment Technology Manager, Talent Acquisition, Global HR Operations
Shawn Gilfedder
Shawn Gilfedder
President & CEO
McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union
George Ramirez
George Ramirez
Executive Vice President
and Chief Diversity Executive

Union Bank

How Can We Collectively Overcome the Daunting Challenges Presented by the State of STEM Talent?

This year’s STEM Talent Recruitment event will focus on the entire talent acquisition lifecycle starting with the development of a robust talent pipeline, creating a winning employer brand, capitalizing on strategic sourcing practices and continuing through STEM-centered engagement and retention best practices. We will discuss the current and future talent landscape, and talent acquisition’s role in strategic workforce planning to predict and plan for the STEM talent supply and demand challenges of tomorrow.

We will discuss:

Talent Acquisition Strategy & Recruiting:

  • Workforce planning to determine trends and talent demands
  • Compensation and benefit trends: Knowledge is power
  • Stop the poaching cycle, remain competitive, and take talent back from non-STEM companies
  • Learn what retains experienced and new employees and develop retention programs
  • New campus recruiting strategies to stand out in the crowd
  • Find HiPos and recruit from the internal talent pool

Attraction and Branding:

  • What attracts entry-level hires to one company vs. another
  • How to attract passive candidates
  • Use branding to make STEM jobs attractive with differentiation and authenticity
  • Diversity recruitment
  • Attract Candidates with Mobility and Growth Opportunities

Education Partnerships:

  • Create an employer and educator relationship
  • Create secondary education engagement for early candidate identification and create a talent pipeline