Event Speakers

Michael DeMarco
Chairman and Speaker Lead Developer, Human Capital Education, Talent Management Alliance (TMA)
Brian Jenkins, PHR
Senior Human Resources Manager, Texas Instruments
Jason Weeman
Senior Program Manager, Global Onboarding at LinkedIn
Dr. Mia Mulrennan
 I/O Psychologist, President and Chief Motivations Mapper, Rave-Worthy
Robin Schooling
Managing Director and Strategist, Silver Zebras, LLC
Kevin Finke
Transformation Catalyst, NCR Corporation
Judy Dutton
Director, Learning & Organization Development at eBay Inc.
Wendy Smith
Head of New Employee Experiences, NCR Corporation
Jose Velasco
Vice President, Operations & Strategy and Head, Autism at Work Initiative, SAP   
Merabeth Martin
Human Resources Manager, Genscape, Inc.
Colleen J. McManus
Chief Human Resources Officer, State of Arizona