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Big data has begun to have a big influence across all business functions, even human resources, a space not normally associated with deep analytics. And yet as the HR function continues to morph into a strategic Talent Management function, the need to analyze information about current and potential talent has become increasingly vital to achieving competitive success. Our course is designed to help practitioners push their organizations into this critical new future with a five-section approach.

Section 1 features a high-level discussion of the so-called “Big Data” movement. You’ve likely heard the term more times than you care to recall and have some notion of what Big Data, but we’ll help you understand what Big Data really is and what the promises and perils of this important movement will be.

In Section 2, we’ll provide an overview of how analytics is changing the way we do business in the Human Capital space. Where qualitative water-cooler anecdotes once held sway, more and more organizations now want to combine quantitative insights with their acumen and intuition in order to make more fact-based decisions.

In Section 3, we’ll get tactical, as we present TMA’s own methodology for human capital analytics. The method will provide a repeatable means for approaching analytics and for presenting findings in a concise and coherent way. Section 4 then shows how to systematize the approach with scorecards, dashboards, and a regular cadence to build credibility with executives and stakeholders. Last but not least comes a discussion on analytics around the HR function itself. Who’s watching the watchers, as they say. For all of this and more, please take our latest course today to join the age of Human Capital Analytics.





Section 1:
A “Big Data” Overview


Section 2:
A Human Capital Analytics Overview


Section 3:
A Human Capital Analytics Methodology



Section 4:
Human Capital Scorecards, Dashboards, and Cadence


Section 5:
Human Capital Analytics for the HR function



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