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In the whirlwind that is today’s global marketplace, competition for good talent is intense; however, competition for great talent is fierce. The shortage of skilled talent is real, and the disparity between supply and demand will only become greater over time. Progressive leaders understand that a solid talent bench is quite literally the lifeline to their future success. Thus, developing high potentials is a crucial component of a company’s business strategy, as it directly feeds or depletes the collection of talent capable of filling impending senior leadership vacancies. For many companies, the process of identifying precisely who their high potentials are becomes what Employment Relations Today has called a “know it when I see it adventure,” as opposed to a systematic process that objectively evaluates and identifies the company’s rising stars. In a recent survey conducted by AMA Enterprises, only 8% of participating organizations reported using truly systematic methods to identify their high potentials. In looking at the popularity of different methods used, the survey showed that only 35% of companies used talent assessments while other less objective assessments such as performance appraisals (74%), manager recommendations (69%), innovative/unique business contributions (42%), and input from peers (35%) were equally or more popular criteria. The risk in this type of talent management is that the process feels much like a popularity contest, allowing the pipeline to potentially be filled with the wrong talent, while top talent gets pushed or walks out the door. While some companies allow employees who meet certain requirements to apply for high potential status, a number of leading companies use the talent review process to select high potentials. Best-in-class organizations not only use a variety of inputs to evaluate high potential status, but also use channels customized by level to assess potential. These comprehensive methods provide leading organizations with a robust view of the individual’s capabilities, cultural fit, drive, and relationships within the organization. World-class companies focus on both the requirements of the role and the personal attributes of the individuals in that role. Moreover, those organizations that are future-focused and able to predict their talent needs will be the ones that ultimately grow and succeed.

The 5th Annual Assessing & Developing High Potentials conference will feature insightful and practitioner led sessions that will showcase the importance of comprehensive assessment in the high potential identification and development process.

Learn from the best on:
selection and assessment methodologies, blended learning approaches, and accelerated development programs. Focused Sessions will provide valuable insight on how to:

• Attain a broad view of the readiness of leaders to meet the current and future needs of the business and its strategy.
• Create and sustain a leadership pipeline
• Identify high potentials for accelerated assessment and development in preparation for more-senior-level roles
• Identify near-term successor candidates for most-critical roles
• Support leadership development efforts with data analytics
• Take inventory of talent on an individual basis to identify performance gaps
• Align individuals’ career interests with opportunities for growth or development
• Developing high potentials to lead global organizations



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Opening Keynote:
A Networked Perspective on High Potential Talent

Chris Ernst, Head of Talent Management
and Organizational Development
 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,
Former Vice President Leadership &
Organization Effectiveness Juniper Networks
and Co- Author of Boundary Spanning
Leadership: Six Practices for Solving
Problems, Driving Innovation, and
Transforming Organizations

Aligning High-Potential Assessment with
SHC’s Leadership Model and Culture:
An Evidence-Based Approach

Don Moretti, Head of Talent Selection &
Assessment, Sears Holdings Corporation

The Magic Formula for Transforming
Leadership Culture - The Novelis Story

Joanne McInnerney, Vice President
Global Talent Management, Novelis Inc.
Presented by DDI

The Role of Assessment in Senior
Executive Development at TIAA-CREF

Thomas Killen,
Senior Director Talent Management,

New Strategies for Capturing & Retaining
Talent in an Evolving Talent Market

Harry Griendling, Founder and CEO,

Accelerated Executive Development
Driven by Business Strategy

Martin Scott, Vice President Talent
Development, Comcast Corporation

*Chief Executive Magazine’s 2015 Best
Companies for Leaders Award Winner

Identifying Leadership Talent the Old-Fashioned
Way - Using Good Data to Supplement
Management Judgement

Alan Colquitt, Director of Global Assessment,
Organization Effectiveness and Workforce
Research, Eli Lilly & Company

*AON Hewitt’s 2014 Top Companies for Leaders
Award Winner

Accelerating Succession Readiness

Keba Gordon, Senior Manager Global Talent
Development, Whirlpool Corporation

*AON Hewitt’s 2014 Top Companies for
Leaders Award Winner


Opening Keynote: Little Platoons

Ashley Goodall, Senior Vice
President Leadership & Team Intelligence,
Cisco Systems, Inc.

Hiring and Developing Leaders in
a Global Market

Eric Terry, Global Head Talent
Acquisition, Goodyear Tire &
Rubber Company

Douglas Wolf, Chief Executive
Officer, Select International

Merck’s General Management
Acceleration Program - Accelerating
the Development of Future Global
Leaders Through Intensive, Integrated Learning

David Howe, Associate Vice President Global
Talent Management, Merck & Co.

Judy Kelley, Director Early Talent Development,
Merck & Co.

Mobilizing and Developing Key Talent
through Innovations in Personality Type

Dr. Roger Pearman, Founder,
Leadership Performance Systems and

Worksession: Top TALENT -
3 Keys to Avoid Being a LOSER

Derrick Barton, Chief Talent Officer and
CEO, Center for Talent Solutions

“Are We There Yet?” - The Assessment and
Development Journey in Pursuit of Key Talent

Monica Goodale, Assistant Vice President
National Learning & Development,
Zenith Insurance Company

 Balancing Data with Judgment -
A Leadership Assessment Success Story

Barney Olson, Director Talent
Management Systems, HNI Corporation
*Chief Executive Magazine’s 2014 Best
Companies for Leaders


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