Have You Fallen off the Fast Track?

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Most medium to large size organizations have some version of “high potential” programs. These are programs designed to identify and prepare future leaders for larger roles. These elite pools of employees are often officially or unofficially labeled as “hipos”, “rising Stars”, “fast trackers”, or “the chosen”.

Companies often don’t come right and tell you if you’re in one of these pools. They are concerned you might get too entitled or full of yourself. Also, if they tell you that you are in, they then have to tell you when you are out. And that’s an uncomfortable conversations most HR geeks and managers would rather avoid.

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Source: Great Leadership

How Stephen Elop got Nokia's Workers Talking

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Finns are notoriously taciturn, so when Microsoft executive Stephen Elop went to Helsinki to take over as Nokia’s CEO, he made a point of telling his team that long silences were no longer acceptable. To turn the struggling phone-maker around, Elop bombarded workers with e-mails demanding feedback and advice, and held soul-baring meetings at which managers were expected to speak up about their divisions’ strengths and weaknesses. “I’ve heard my colleagues speak more in the last four months than in the last 10 years,” says Mary McDowell, a senior executive. (summary & title from SmartBrief)

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Source: Bloomburg BusinessWeek

Productivity Management and Leadership Development Improve Departmental Performance

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A neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at a 450-bed not-for-profit hospital in the south was struggling when its vice president of critical care services called on B. E. Smith for assistance. A departmental leadership gap had resulted in fragmented processes, misallocation of resources and a lack of professional accountability. With no succession plan in place for a NICU director, the department needed to chart a course for its future.

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Why We Need a Workers' Bill of Rights Now

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Malled: My Unintentional Career in Retail is reality journalism at its best, a raw education in the nature of American low-wage retail work before and during the devastating recession of 2007-2009. It also is a searing narrative of Kelly’s experiences working in an upscale mall, laced with a national investigative skewering of the awful working conditions, low wages, and robotic big brother corporate leadership in the US retail sector.

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Source: BNET

Leadership Caffeine: Coping with Workplace Critics

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If you’ve ever found yourself suddenly under fire from one or more sources for an idea or program, you recognize how annoying and potentially destructive the criticism can be. And I’m not talking about someone offering a good, objective alternative viewpoint, I’m talking about the global criticism of your initiative and attempts to discredit you in the process.

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Source: Management Excellence

The Way to Identify your Future Leaders – Part 2

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Leadership has an effect on the bottom line – not directly, but by shaping the culture within which an organization operates, its climate and through its influence on employee engagement. Identifying and developing leadership is a business critical process. Leadership depends on the type of personality, personal preferences, skills and relevant experiences.

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Source: International HR Forum

A Shift Back to C-Level Innovation & Marketing Leaderhsip

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Companies are once again prioritizing innovation and marketing talent in addition to finance experts in their C-level leadership, according to the quarterly Boyden Executive Outlook, released today by Boyden Global Executive Search.

“The new transformational leadership is in focus as opportunities with economic recovery emerge,” said Trina
Gordon, President and CEO of Boyden World Corporation. “As companies earn stronger profits, the demand for
talent will increase globally.”

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The Retail Talent Marketplace

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To better understand ways companies are tackling today’s talent challenges and positioning themselves for long-term success, Deloitte collaborated with the National Retail Federation (NRF) to conduct a comprehensive survey of the industry’s talent management strategies and practices. The new report, The Retail Talent Marketplace: An executive perspective on growing people from within, was designed to provide an in-depth look into where retailers are succeeding on the talent front – and where they are coming up short.

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Source: Deloitte

Leadership Styles: The Business Case for Courage

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Fear is bad for business. Think about it. When workers are overloaded with fear, they act in their own worst interests. Like flailing about at the sight of a bee, thinking that the best way to keep from getting stung is to wave hysterically, the actions of workers who are managed by fear are often dramatic and disproportionate to the fear being faced.

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2011 Leadership Skills that Top the List

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ESI International, the world’s leading project management learning company, revealed its Top 10 Global Project Management Trends for 2011. Key themes include building the project manager’s (PM) influence, accelerating new leadership and communication skills, and increased use of informal learning approaches such as social media and experiential training. A global panel of consultants and senior executives assembled by ESI identified the trends.

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Source: ESI International