About the Event

Measure, Communicate, and Create

Traditionally HR has had to make decisions based on theory. However, the emergence of a more strategic HR function, more competition in the marketplace, and the on-going war for talent has made it imperative for those decisions to be based less on theory and more on real data.

Not only do organizations need to focus on collecting accurate data on talent acquisition, engagement, performance, and talent management initiatives, they must be able to use the data to tell stories that helps to create actionable strategies.

In order to accomplish this you must first know what you should measure, why you should measure it, and how.  You need to know if HR has the ability and skill, what technology is needed, and how to gain buy-in from leadership to accept the importance of analytics. Once you have the correct data how do you communicate what it means in a way that has real meaning for the business and its people?

The case-studies presented during this event will hone in on three specific areas that will enable you to focus on measuring what matters most for your organization and jump-start your HR analytics, to immediately benefit from the power of data.

 Communication & Capability

  • Understand where and how to start, and what to measure.
  • Show leadership the influence and power of analytics.
  • How to use analytics to tell a story.
  • How to use data to create an actionable talent strategy.

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

  • Properly identify and measure the most important hiring and staffing metrics for your needs.
  • Talent forecasting – ensure you have the right talent for future needs.
  • Measure the productivity of recruiters and recruiting processes.

 Talent Management

  •  Succession and workforce planning.
  • How metrics can support engagement initiatives.
  • Measure continuous employee productivity and performance.