About the Event

[TMA’s 2019 HR Business Partner University Summit]

AMA Executive Conference Center – Atlanta, GA
November 5 – 6, 2019


About the Event

This year’s HR Business Partner University is based on the best-selling book, Fearless HR, by David C. Forman. Fearless HR is about HR’s purpose of driving business results and improving the competitive position of the company. It is about being a business leader, not a department head or a passive participant at a table full of unequals. It is about creating an environment in which talent and innovation can flourish. And it is about being fearless, bold and willing to take risks for the business to be successful.

Over the years, people have developed other perceptions of HR. We all know these perceptions exist, but have failed to address them because it might be disruptive or uncomfortable. The problem is that these beliefs become even more engrained in corporate memory when they are allowed to persist. HR, as a profession, must address its past before it can move forward to make greater contributions in the future.


HR’s purpose is to drive business results. It is that simple, and yet that difficult. Part of HR’s struggles for years has been the ambiguity over its roles and responsibilities that has then led to different perceptions of its effectiveness. A clear articulated purpose, however, contributes to sharper focus, better alignment, stronger prioritization, improved professional confidence, and less distraction. The Fearless HR story—confronting past perceptions, seizing opportunities and driving business results– is actually quite liberating.


This two-day course will focus on:

  • Becoming a Fearless HR Business Partner
  • Business Fluency
  • Harnessing and Executing Change Initiatives
  • Strengthening the Organization through anticipating change
  • The Impact of High-Performance Workplaces
  • Agile Business and HR Analytics
  • Influencing Leaders and Establishing Executive Presence




See reviews below

Annette Mason
March 29, 2016 // Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

If a CEO needed to develop a true HR business partner, the two best gifts he/she could offer their HR leader would be

1- empathetic One-on-One time AND
2- a copy of Fearless HR.
3-  It is truly a playbook to architect organizational success focused on people and resulting in collective economic and engagement success.

Judith F. Lyons
November 8, 2015 // Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

“FEARLESS HR by David C Forman is a terrific addition to the literature of evidence-based best practices in Human Resources. Forman is passionate about the changes in the field and the innovations within many of today’s best companies that have moved HR into strategic positions that benefit the bottom line. Forman explores the 5 myths, or derogatory sayings, about HR and examines the veracity of them.

He brings HR to task where need be and uses solid research to debunk old perceptions. In the second part of the book Forman gets to the potentialities for the future with tools for implementation. FEARLESS HR iswell written, accessible, thoroughly researched and inspiring. Forman’s passion for emerging new business models and HR’s strategic partnership within those models is powerful.”

John Eggert President, Idea Leadership Company

December 2, 2015 // Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

“How to leave the HR baggage behind and make a difference now.”
“This book is a must-read for HR professionals who want to influence the business, and for business leaders who have not been sure how to leverage HR capabilities.
I believe the word “fearless” in the title refers to the need to confront head-on not only the many negative myths about HR, but more so the reality behind those myths. Dave Forman makes it clear that, while the leading edge of HR practices are having significant impacts on the businesses they support, the profession is still dragging a lot of baggage behind it. He explains in clear language why this is so and provides very practical advice and tools to do something about it.”

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