Building a Culture of Health

White Paper Summary Efforts to control healthcare costs often focus on expense management and cost shifting. But that’s no longer enough to control cost increases that are outpacing growth in both personal income and gross domestic product. Today’s  companies are aggressively addressing

A Transformative Time for Healthcare

White Paper Summary After decades of false alarms, healthcare providers are agreed: Their industry is about to go through transformative change. Why is this time different? We met with 40 top leaders of healthcare organizations to find out how they planned to

Healthcare Benefit Trends in 2011

Article Summary According to the following research, most companies are looking to lower their rising health care costs and improve their employees’ overall health. When human resources professionals look toward the future, most major plan changes surround the health care reform legislation.

Leadership As A Value: Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Case Study Summary In order for diversity efforts to succeed in a large organization, the organization’s leaders must be intrinsically involved in the diversity effort being nominated, provide the vision for the program(s), and involved in their development and implementation…. To be

Case Study: United Healthcare Group

Case Study Summary UnitedHealth Group (UHG) has grown to become one of the most innovative suppliers of health care solutions by focusing on ideas that help improve medical outcomes while reducing health care costs…. Indeed, when it comes to growing their business

Management in Healthcare: Why Good Practice Really Matters

White Paper Summary Healthcare expenditure represents a major challenge for all countries, absorbing an increasing percentage of national income. Nations are grappling with increases in demand for healthcare as their populations age and expectations rise along with living standards. At the same

2010 Healthcare Recruitment Overview

Article Summary With the broader economy recovering only in fits and starts, healthcare hiring in 2010 will lag the robust growth rates seen in previous years. Hospitals and other provider organizations will see less turnover and fewer increases in headcount, but recruitment

AONE Guiding Principles for the Aging Workforce

Article Summary More than 51 percent of the current workforce is age 40 or older – a 33 percent increase since 1980 – and 40 percent of the U.S. nurse workforce is age 50. As nurses age, retire or find employment outside

What to Expect in 2011: New Challenges in Healthcare

Article Summary It seems that every year we talk about new challenges and issues facing healthcare. Obviously, all of us involved in the management of healthcare must have an inner desire to be involved in a tumultuous and ever changing career. This