A Change of Culture for Healthcare

News Release Today the management of culture within healthcare is becoming more and more important. It is now viewed as a necessary part of the health system reform. In the United Kingdom, the National Health Service (NHS) reforms are based on the

Recruitment & Retention of Clinicians

Article Summary Recruiting the right primary care provider is vital to the day-to-day operations of community health centers. Attracting highly skilled physicians can be a slow process, but with proper planning and support from the local medical providers and key community leaders,

Health as Human Capital

White Paper Summary There was a time when the health care market functioned much like other markets… [A] kind of two-party, market-based transaction [that] rarely occurs in today’s health benefits marketplace. In its place is a consumption process that involves many third

Hospitals Still a Job-Creation Machine

Article Summary Federal data show that the overall healthcare sector remains one of the few bright spots for job growth in a weak economy. However, we’re getting mixed news about job growth at hospitals. Bureau of Labor Statistics data for September show

Human Resource Management and Health Care Systems

Article Summary Did you ever know that in the health care systems and services, the human resource management plays a great role? Yes, this is absolutely true especially in the global context because studies and researches have shown that their management techniques