Top Talent Management Challenges

Article Summary The question is about having ‘ready now’ talent for critically important positions.   If we look to build from within for “sell”, or revenue generating positions, our leadership development processes must be accelerated to keep pace with the demands of the

A Talent Recession Looming: The Changing Landscape

Article Summary There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the last two years have been difficult and trying for all sizes of healthcare organizations. Healthcare was one of the last sectors of the economy to be effected by the recession. It

The Nurse Staffing Challenge

Article Summary By 2030, just twenty years from now, all the baby boomers will have crossed over into the elderly category. Average annual medical expenditures for Americans age 65 and older are more than three times that of the working age group.

From Staff-Mix to Skill-Mix and Beyond: Part One

Article Summary Throughout the world, countries are experiencing shortages of healthcare workers. Policy-makers and system managers have developed a range of methods and initiatives to optimize the available workforce and achieve the right number and mix of personnel needed to provide high-quality

Strong Leaders Required

Article Summary During an era of rapid transformation for the healthcare sector, which strategies will be most effective in helping organizations strengthen their leadership teams? …. Building the right leadership team is a significant challenge for today’s healthcare organizations, regardless of their

The Return of the War for Talent

Article Summary The economic recovery, albeit slow, appears to be happening. Healthcare reform legislation has passed. These issues and their impact on healthcare organizations are complex and hard to predict, but a few things can be stated with certainty….Competition for talent will

Optimizing Healthcare Staffing

Article Summary Labor expenses comprise as much as 70 percent of the typical hospital’s operating budget, and the degree to which staffing and workflow challenges can negatively affect a hospital’s bottom line cannot be overstated. In the July/August 2009 Health Affairs, Dr

Staffing Appropriately in Challenging Times

Article Summary Joelle Lofaso, Director of Talent Management, Staffing and Recruitment at Cleveland Clinic, gives us her thoughts on the issues currently facing healthcare recruitment. Read Full Article Source: Executive Healthcare

Envisioning the Future Leadership

Article Summary … Then, our focus was ‘technology and clinical connectivity’. Today, our focus for the 21st century healthcare executive is on how those two concepts have set the stage for ‘accountable care’ – the linchpin of healthcare reform that will engender