Leadership Competencies for Transformational Times

White Paper Summary Innovation. Process improvement. Collaboration. Value creation. These were some of the themes from last Thursday’s Health Care UST MBA 2010 “Careers in Health Care” workshop focused on “Leadership Competencies for Transformational Times.” St. Thomas was proud to welcome back

Outsourcing Human Resource Management – Benefits To Your Business

Article Summary Human resource management outsourcing is the one aspect that can make the difference between efficient and inefficient employment of resources for businesses, particularly small and medium-sized concerns. Business resources not employed fully could lead a business towards higher operating costs

Yale HealthCare 2010 and YourNurseisOn.com

Case Study Summary On the early spring morning of April 9, 2010, thousands of hours of preparations, years of healthcare experience and ideas for the future of healthcare trickled into the Omni Hotel, located in New Haven, CT, for Yale Healthcare 2010.

Is Now the Time for a Breakout Quarter in Healthcare Hiring?

Article Summary …healthcare is such a huge, all-encompassing sector—with about 13 million professionals caring for more than 300 million Americans. It’s difficult to differentiate between industry-wide trends and local events that don’t travel beyond the walls of a particular hospital. There’s a

Health and Medical Jobs

Article Summary …new research has shown that the jobs could lie in healthcare and green technology, meaning now could be the time to think of health and medical jobs. Indications show that thanks to the Healthcare Reform Act, where millions more Americans

What is healthcare management?

Article Summary What is healthcare management you may find yourself asking. Well, at this present moment in time, it’s an exciting time for the healthcare management sector as the healthcare field is changing more than any other. Healthcare Management The healthcare field

Promoting from Within

Article Summary With the phrase ‘current economic climate’ becoming a staple in almost every industry’s vocabulary, recruitment and HR divisions have had to tackle severe financial and employment issues. In addition, with more graduates returning to academic study to cushion the blow