Focused sessions will tackle:

  • • Developing a learning strategy
  • • eLearning (virtual, video, gamification, and more)
  • • Learning analytics
  • • Creating an organizational culture to support continuous learning
  • • Needs assessment and instructional design
  • • Integrated talent management
  • • Succession management
  • • Maximizing learning investment, measuring ROI, and scope management

Thanks to massive growth and years of innovation, experts feel confident enough to say: It is a golden age for learning.

The industry is changing quickly. Just between 2013 and 2014, the corporate learning industry experienced 21% growth. New learning platforms are enabling new ways of doing things, leading to less complicated and more engaging learning tools. And the influx of millennial influence can’t be ignored either. Companies see an urgent need to build skills and capabilities and are now focused on transforming their learning organizations and strategies to face this challenge. Companies that transform their learning and development organizations are not only able to accelerate skills development, but also can dramatically improve employee engagement and retention.

As the economy improves and the market for high-skill talent tightens, companies are realizing they cannot simply recruit all the talent they need, but must develop it internally. Faced with gaps in talent and skills, CEOs are turning to CHROs and CLOs to ask for more and better learning platforms and products. Just when the need is most urgent, HR organizations face a massive digital transformation in the learning and training industry, plus new expectations by employees for on-demand learning opportunities.

The last three years have witnessed an explosion of new learning offerings, including massive open online courses, digital learning tools, video offerings, and new cloud-based training systems. These new learning platforms are easy to use, provide access to internal and external content, and use analytics to recommend content in a manner similar to Netflix and Amazon. Innovative and engaging learning solutions today are on-demand, fast to absorb, and available on mobile devices. Yet, while employees now demand a personalized, learning experience that feels like YouTube, many companies are stuck with decades-old learning management systems that amount to little more than a registration system or course catalog.

TMA’s Employee & Organizational Development Summit will give you the tools necessary to evolve your learning organization to be agile, innovative, and aligned with employee expectations in the new world of work. Learn from the best on scalable, cost-effective learning design, and delivery strategies that can positively impact your organization’s bottom-line and increase workforce effectiveness and engagement.