Jay Pariseau

Jay Pariseau

[ Senior Consultant, Diversity and Inclusion, CIBC ]

Jay is a performance driven recruitment professional who understands that the talent we bring into the organization today will reflect the look, feel, and even the future potential of an organization tomorrow. Jay embraces innovative solutions while continually balancing talent acquisition’s best practices. This methodology allows for consistent improvements while continually delivering impressive results. At heart, Jay remains a strategic communicator and public relations practitioner that understands the importance of continually gauging and measuring stakeholders’ attitudes and beliefs. Through this knowledge, he is able to build and execute effective tactics that will influence stakeholders’ actions. His specialties include: Diversity Recruitment, Stakeholder Engagement, Cross-Cultural Communication, Reputation Management, Research, Marketing and Employee Relations.


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Day 1
Beyond Canada 150: Bringing Indigenous Reconciliation to Life in Your Organization 14:00