Elevating the Role of the Healthcare Human Resource Leader

With the current focus on supply costs, inventories, and productivity, we sometimes overlook the fact that the senior HR leaders in healthcare have the responsibility to strategically manage the most significant and largest expense and resource of any healthcare organization -– the people who provide the care and service. Even though the CFO does not have complete control or influence over supply costs, it remains their ultimate responsibility to make sure the costs are managed efficiently and wisely. Likewise, the CHRO has the added responsibility of dealing with the tightly intertwined cost of people and the impact any decisions will have on the motivation and engagement level of individuals with emotions and concerns.

Eight Healthcare HR Trends for 2010

Article Summary Here—in no particular order of importance—are a handful of issues, ideas, and trends affecting the healthcare HR arena that I think will be with us in the coming year. Read Full Article Source: Health Leaders Media

Health as Human Capital

White Paper Summary There was a time when the health care market functioned much like other markets… [A] kind of two-party, market-based transaction [that] rarely occurs in today’s health benefits marketplace. In its place is a consumption process that involves many third