AHA Establishes New Award To Recognize Leadership In Health Care Quality Improvement

The AHA announces the new Dick Davidson Quality Milestone Award to recognize state, regional and metropolitan hospital associations’ leadership in improving health care quality. The award will be presented annually to a hospital association that demonstrates leadership and innovation in quality improvement and contributes to national health care improvement efforts.

Defining Organizational Values With One Question

Would you believe that effectively guiding your organization’s values, culture and performance is as simple as asking yourself one question? ….Leaders can articulate their values and drive their organization’s culture by asking one simple question. Hint: It’s more personal than you might think.

A Transformative Time for Healthcare

White Paper Summary After decades of false alarms, healthcare providers are agreed: Their industry is about to go through transformative change. Why is this time different? We met with 40 top leaders of healthcare organizations to find out how they planned to

2010 Healthcare Recruitment Overview

Article Summary With the broader economy recovering only in fits and starts, healthcare hiring in 2010 will lag the robust growth rates seen in previous years. Hospitals and other provider organizations will see less turnover and fewer increases in headcount, but recruitment

What to Expect in 2011: New Challenges in Healthcare

Article Summary It seems that every year we talk about new challenges and issues facing healthcare. Obviously, all of us involved in the management of healthcare must have an inner desire to be involved in a tumultuous and ever changing career. This

Health Leaders Media Industry Survey Just Released!

Survey Summary The HealthLeaders Media Industry Survey 2010 report is based on seven concurrent surveys sent to healthcare leaders in seven segments across the industry: CEO, finance, technology, physician, health plan, marketing, and quality leaders. In addition, data has been extracted based

Recruiting New Talent To A Group

Case Study Summary This Executive Search Division client is a multi-specialty group practice of approximately 45-50 physicians. The Clinic is located approximately 45 minutes outside of Nashville, Tennessee, located in a bedroom community of approximately 30,000. The Clinic was then owned by

Minimizing Deviant Behavior in Healthcare Organizations

Article Summary In an era when healthcare organizations are beset by intense competition, lawsuits, and increased administrative costs, it is essential that employees perform their jobs efficiently and without distraction. Deviant workplace behavior among healthcare employees is especially threatening to organizational effectiveness,

Eight Healthcare HR Trends for 2010

Article Summary Here—in no particular order of importance—are a handful of issues, ideas, and trends affecting the healthcare HR arena that I think will be with us in the coming year. Read Full Article Source: Health Leaders Media