Workforce 2015: Strategy Trumps Shortage

For the past several decades, the U.S. labor pool has grown rapidly as increased numbers of women and “baby boomers” of both genders joined the workforce, and as the relatively small number of persons born during the Great Depression retired. The future looks much different… Health care will face the twin challenges of attracting and retaining replacements for retiring workers while expanding its workforce to care for an aging population.

Battling to Attract and Retain the Best

Article Summary Our employees are our most valuable resource.” We constantly hear these words from organizational leaders across every industry, but mostly in the healthcare and life sciences fields where employees make decisions that not only impact a ‘customer service score’, but

Leadership Competencies for Transformational Times

White Paper Summary Innovation. Process improvement. Collaboration. Value creation. These were some of the themes from last Thursday’s Health Care UST MBA 2010 “Careers in Health Care” workshop focused on “Leadership Competencies for Transformational Times.” St. Thomas was proud to welcome back