Building a Culture of Health

White Paper Summary Efforts to control healthcare costs often focus on expense management and cost shifting. But that’s no longer enough to control cost increases that are outpacing growth in both personal income and gross domestic product. Today’s  companies are aggressively addressing

A Transformative Time for Healthcare

White Paper Summary After decades of false alarms, healthcare providers are agreed: Their industry is about to go through transformative change. Why is this time different? We met with 40 top leaders of healthcare organizations to find out how they planned to

Management in Healthcare: Why Good Practice Really Matters

White Paper Summary Healthcare expenditure represents a major challenge for all countries, absorbing an increasing percentage of national income. Nations are grappling with increases in demand for healthcare as their populations age and expectations rise along with living standards. At the same

An Insight on Health Care Expenditure

White Paper Summary The health care industry is one of the largest industries in the United States….The country’s economy has always been under great pressure to meet with the rising cost of health care. Health care expenditure is growing each year surpassing

Best Practices in Healthcare Leadership Academies

White Paper Summary Strong leadership is likely the single most important driver of overall organizational performance, and well-constructed leadership development programs are critical to developing strong leaders.Nowhere is the need for effective leadershipmore pronounced than in the dynamic,  complex healthcare industry, where

Leadership’s Role in Driving Healthcare Excellence

White Paper Summary Without adequately and pervasively preparing healthcare leadership to effectively implement new capabilities, many transformational components of health reform will have a lower probability of succeeding or meeting the public’s expectations. Read Full White Paper Source: Lincoln Foundation for Performance

Health as Human Capital

White Paper Summary There was a time when the health care market functioned much like other markets… [A] kind of two-party, market-based transaction [that] rarely occurs in today’s health benefits marketplace. In its place is a consumption process that involves many third

Talent Pressures and the Aging Workforce

White Paper Summary The health care and social assistance sector (henceforth shortened to the health care sector) is one of the most crucial sectors of the U.S. economy. At present, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the health