Leadership As A Value: Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Case Study Summary In order for diversity efforts to succeed in a large organization, the organization’s leaders must be intrinsically involved in the diversity effort being nominated, provide the vision for the program(s), and involved in their development and implementation…. To be

Case Study: United Healthcare Group

Case Study Summary UnitedHealth Group (UHG) has grown to become one of the most innovative suppliers of health care solutions by focusing on ideas that help improve medical outcomes while reducing health care costs…. Indeed, when it comes to growing their business

Improve Employee Satisfaction and Leadership Accountability

Case Study Summary UMC implements Performance Manager® – In healthcare, employee satisfaction is more than just a ‘feel good’ initiative. It’s a strategic imperative that directly affects patient satisfaction and employee retention. That’s why so many organizations are turning to software like

Finding A Group Practice Administrator

New Talent Rescues Midwest Group Case Study Summary This case study is an actual account of a Health Care Executive Search Division client engagement. Name’s have been changed to ensure the healthcare organizations ‘anonymity in today’s highly competitive marketplace. This Health Care

Recruiting New Talent To A Group

Case Study Summary This Executive Search Division client is a multi-specialty group practice of approximately 45-50 physicians. The Clinic is located approximately 45 minutes outside of Nashville, Tennessee, located in a bedroom community of approximately 30,000. The Clinic was then owned by

Recruiting a Star Physician Executive

Case Study Summary The System had never had a Physician Executive from the outside and there were four internal candidates, one of whom was clearly favored by the CEO – the final decision maker in the selection process. They wanted to run

Yale HealthCare 2010 and YourNurseisOn.com

Case Study Summary On the early spring morning of April 9, 2010, thousands of hours of preparations, years of healthcare experience and ideas for the future of healthcare trickled into the Omni Hotel, located in New Haven, CT, for Yale Healthcare 2010.