Talent Acquisition Technologies: Shiny Objects Gone Wild

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In today’s world of talent acquisition technologies, you’ll want to know what is important and what is not. What are the technologies that really work, which are the ‘nice to haves’ and which ones can you leave behind? More importantly, how do you know you have the basics in place to drive the operational disciplines needed to make it all work together?

It sounds simple enough, but it takes a dedicated approach and strong leadership to answer those questions and ensure they are effectively implemented. The transformational journey to bring your recruitment ecosystem into a cohesively integrated operational strategy begins with familiar territories you’d rather leave behind, but culminates in a framework that is adoptable across global boundaries.

In this interactive case study presentation, Brad Cook will reveal how he applied leadership and innovative thinking to design and implemented cutting-edge recruitment practices. He’ll review the methodologies used to transform Informatica’s “greenfield” talent acquisition organization. The end goal is an awarding winning, modern, future-oriented, data-driven recruiting operation that delivers quantifiable business results by leveraging the right tools, systems and processes.


Brad Cook
VP Global Talent Acquisition
Having lead technical services, sales and operations for large global corporations, Brad turned to HR for a new challenge. With a focus on change management, he set his sights on breaking recruitment paradigms by applying lessons he learned in previous sales and global operations roles. For example, in 2005 he was tasked with resurrecting Cisco’s recruiting organization which had been decimated during the 2002 tech bubble. Currently tasked with restructuring Informatica’s recruiting organization, his approach is to use innovative thinking in problem solving. Under his leadership, both ERE Recruiting Excellence and OnRec have recognized Informatica for “Best Strategic Use of Technologies” and “Sourcing Innovation” during 2011.