Mind the Gap: The Crisis of Leadership Development in Knowledge Based Firms

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Have you ever seen a leader in a knowledge based firm suddenly ‘blow up’ after a promotion? Maybe someone really bright, who understands their specialty, flailing around (and to be blunt, pissing people off) after they have been moved to a senior role? Or what about the high potential moved laterally to manage a new area who gets chewed up by the specialist staff in that new area?

Leadership development is a different game in knowledge based firms. Lots of good leaders fail in the transition to new roles. This is a nightmare for the company – lost talent, unfilled positions, and succession planning in a mess.

But if we understand how specialist leaders are different from generalist leaders. If we understand why some transitions are so difficult. Well, then we can solve the problem.

Join this webinar to learn about the most important new insight into leadership development.

Key takeaways

  • Understanding why good leaders suddenly fail
  • Recognizing how to intervene to prevent the failure
  • Reshaping leadership development programs in knowledge based firms


david creelman
David Creelman
CEO, Creelman Research and co-founder, Creelman Lambert
David Creelman is CEO of Creelman Research and co-founder of Creelman Lambert. He does research and writing on the critical issues in human capital management. His clients include think tanks, consultants, academics and organizations in Canada, Japan, the US, the Middle East and the EU. In 2013 he won the Walker Award for his work with Andrew Lambert on Boards and HR. Prior to his current role David helped launch HR.com as Chief of Content and Research.