How to Identify and Hire “A” Players who will Drive Success

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Not all employees are created equal. Research shows that “A” players outsell their peers by at least 48% in sales positions, have a more positive affect on customers than other employees, and deliver superior team performance when included in a work group. A small team of “A” players can run circles around a giant team of “B” and “C” players.

Identifying great candidates usually starts with an impressive resume, but that only provides part of the story. To gain more insight into a candidate’s past performance, a scientifically valid, objective assessment is needed to provide a fuller picture. Hiring managers can greatly improve the odds of hiring “A” players by using scientifically validated surveys created by industrial psychologists, to help screen potential applicants. By discovering what previous managers and colleagues openly say about a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and behaviors, “A” players can be selected 90% of the time!

Learn how automated online reference-checking has introduced a way to capture behavioral feedback from five references in two days for each job candidate. Also, see a demonstration of how this software infuses consistency, reliability and validity, and how to identify which candidates display the characteristics of an “A” player.

What will participants learn?

  1. How to identify and hire “A” players

  2. How to capture behavioral feedback from 5 references in 2 days for each candidate

  3. How to infuse consistency, reliability and validity into each reference-check

  4. How to identify developmental needs of each candidate

  5. How to provide information to hiring managers that influences decisions


brian gilbert
Brian Gilbert
Director of Business Development
Brian Gilbert is the Director of Business Development for SkillSurvey and leads the company’s outreach efforts in providing educational content and thought leadership to SkillSurvey’s alliance partners, group purchasing organizations, and national/state professional organizations. Previously Brian led the development of an online social media community for HR professionals at, bringing together over 55,000 professionals collaborate and share best practices with their professional peers. He has a degree in Education from West Chester University, and presents educational material around the country to a wide variety of audiences.