How Predictive Talent and HR Analytics Apply to Deliver Superior Patient Centered Care

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As healthcare providers, we can only deliver consistently high quality through talented patient care teams. Through predictive talent analytics, TalentMine’s Team Quality Match (TQM) has been scientifically linked to improved HCAHPS, CAHPS, Safety, Employee Retention, Employee Engagement and reduced Patient Length of Stay. This session will reveal results from recent research and model how your organization can replicate high performance for superior patient centered care.


Key takeaways:

  • Uncover the high performance talents of clinical and patient service professionals that are most critical to patient outcomes.

  • Learn how Talent & Culture fit algorithm has been applied in hiring to improve employee engagement and retention.

  • Learn how Team Quality Match (TQM) algorithm has been developed to optimize team performance.

  • Learn how automated Predictive Behavioral Results have been applied for coaching, career management & succession planning.


Dr. Courtney McCashland
Chief Executive Officer, TalentMine
Dr. Courtney McCashland serves as the Chief Executive Officer of TalentMine®, a performance-based talent assessment system helping healthcare companies hire and engage talent to optimize patient service, quality, safety and efficiency.  McCashland recently served as President of Global Science & Strategy for IBM’s Smarter Workforce, following her three-year service as President of Kenexa’s Global Assessment Division, where TalentMine® was delivered to select and develop talent for leading healthcare providers.  During this time, McCashland led an expert team of IO Psychologists to design the current integrated suite of TalentMine® assessments, situational judgment tests, simulations, and interviews to predict success for job families in healthcare.

Prior to joining Kenexa/IBM, Dr. McCashland partnered with Marcus Buckingham to found Strengths Research, the company that pioneered the original TalentMine® job and culture match and the strengths assessments for Buckingham’s best-selling books.  Dr. McCashland led Gallup's early research on employee engagement and worked as the lead consultant with Marcus Buckingham to empirically capture the management success factors for building an engaged service culture.  Dr. McCashland's research with leading organizations was combined through a meta-analysis of teams to uncover the engagement metrics that link to business performance and customer loyalty in the workplace.  Dr. McCashland worked with Buckingham to present the research findings, which are captured in Buckingham's management best seller First Break All the Rules.  In 2009, Buckingham and McCashland developed the Strengths Engagement Track (SET) to assist associates and managers in applying their individual strengths at work. The SET survey is featured in Buckingham’s bestselling book Go Put Your Strengths to Work.  In 2010, Dr. McCashland developed the Strong Life Test which debuted with Buckingham’s book Find Your Strongest Life.  Through analysis of more than a quarter of a million completes within the initial few months post release,  Dr. McCashland refined new questions, content, and scoring to deliver the StandOut Strengths Assessment for Marcus Buckingham’s current best-selling book in 2011.  Dr. McCashland has gained credibility as an industry expert in the psychology of human performance and was selected to partner with NBC News President Ben Sherwood to conducted research with survivors from around the world to develop the Survivor Profiler™ for Sherwood’s best-selling book The Survivors Club: The Secrets and Science that Could Save Your Life.

Dr. McCashland completed her doctoral dissertation in explaining how manager talent affects an engaged work culture, customer loyalty and unit profitability within the healthcare industry and validated her findings with a leading provider of financial services. Dr. McCashland received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Journalism and a Masters in Qualitative and Quantitative Research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She was one of seven professionals to receive a scholarship from the Gallup Organization to complete her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership at the University of Southern California, where she graduated with highest distinction.  Dr. McCashland resides in Lincoln, Nebraska, with her husband Patrick and their four children.