Tips and Tricks to Make Twitter an Effective Recruiting and Engagement Tool

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Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, in which you typically have a personal and/or professional relationship preceding the connection or friend request, Twitter enables you to establish connections with a wider range of users. It lets you search profiles, resources, interact instantly, and allows for the opportunity to engage and brand your company with posts. However, for a recruiter who hasn’t used it before, Twitter can seem intimidating and it’s difficult to become passionate about a tool that carries the perception of being complicated to use.This session will share how to effectively use Twitter as a recruitment tool including: Which applications can be used to manage tweeting effectively, how to use Twitter as a sourcing tool, techniques to keep the audience engaged, how to use it for branding purposes, and advice on how to use hashtags appropriately.


Steve Levy
Steve Levy
Recruitment, Talent and Social Media Thought Leader

There’s no such thing as a “former” Marine, Jesuit, Bartender or Engineer; on many levels I still consider myself to be an engineer. While I might now be labeled as “HR” (or even worse as an EXPLETIVE Recruiter), the fact is that I’ve been immersed in the technology sector my entire professional life.

For sure I’ve forgotten my LISP, Prolog and C but I’ve cozied up to, recruited, and counseled enough technology leaders, game changers and rebels over the years to know how they think and act. I’ve also been fortunate to build some incredible technical and non-technical teams for start-up, growth, and turnaround organizations.

Professionally, I’m jazzed by solving the most vexing recruiting and organizational development problems. I’ve been referred to as "the recruiting industry’s answer to Tom Peters" (yes, it’s a bit embarrassing but a well-known recruiting leader said it so I’m using it) for my unique method of combining traditional SWOT analyses with a PEST (current/future Political-Economic-Social-Technological issues) analysis wrapper to build and lead strategic talent acquisition initiatives.

In addition to my player/coach/mentor work in recruiting, I’ve been part of the Society for Human Resources Management’s initiative to develop ANSI standards for Workforce Planning.

Within the social recruiting space, I’ve been recognized asThe Top 100 Most Social Human Resources Experts On Twitter,The Top 50 People Mentioned by Recruiters (#6),The 10 to Follow in Social Media Recruiting, andTop 100 Twitter Accounts Job Seekers MUST Follow in 2013 (2012 and 2011 too).

In recruiting, I’m well-respected as one of the best sourcers of Purple Squirrels (some might also refer to this as “cyberstalking” but I prefer calling it “research”), combining old school and "new cool" techniques to identify and engage exceptional talent.  As a New Yawkah, I don’t sugar coat the challenges facing businesses in their quest for talent – which I suppose is why I’m often asked for “scintillating quotes” on current and future recruiting and retention issues. In social media circles, with me you’re entering #TheNoFluffZone.

I’m an incurable blogger (The RecruitingInferno) and social media wonk (Twitter) who is passionate about jobseeker, veteran, and workforce effectiveness issues. See myLinkedIn profile and type “steve-levy recruiting” (without the quotes) in your favorite browser for more about