The Numbers Aren’t Adding Up – Spectra Energy Redesigns Performance Evaluations

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As a growing oil and gas company, Spectra’s time investment in performance management processes must deliver meaningful direction to employees that translate into business results. Spectra’s conventional Performance Evaluation process was a point of frustration for employees and managers alike. Like many evaluation process, it was system-centric using a five-point scale where ratings were negotiated between employee and manager to inform merit decisions. Driven by employee frustration and inspired by recent research in the field of talent management and neuroscience, Spectra Energy made the bold decision to experiment with dropping the practice of “rating” annual performance. Spectra’s journey to redesign Performance Evaluations in favour of practices that rely on high quality coaching around simple dynamic goals is part of a trend which recognizes that, when it comes to talent management - the numbers aren’t adding up. In this session we will:

• Discuss the business drivers for redesigning how performance is evaluated
• Identify historical practices of performance management at Spectra Energy
• Review results of a pilot that determined readiness for change and a redesigned process
• Preview future state of coaching, ongoing feedback, and the power of courageous conversations


Lisa Peseski
Manager of Learning & Organization Development,
Spectra Energy
Lisa is a lifelong learner and educator using a Bachelor of Education to accelerate performance in corporate learning and development. Before joining the private sector Lisa worked as a teacher and university recruiter. Then, 15 short years ago, she joined Union Gas (a Spectra Energy Company) where she has enjoyed working as a Facilitator, Project Manager and Organization Development professional. In all her roles Lisa is continually experimenting with the many ways organizations can effectively align the knowledge and skills of their employees to drive business results. With her Masters in Training and Human Resource Management and as a Project Management Professional Lisa has learned how to apply some science to the art of talent management.