Reengaging Your Workforce: Moving from Woe to Wow!

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Engagement is what motivates people to not only feel dedicated to their job and their life, but also to feel rewarded by what they do and how they do it. It pushes people to look differently and go above and beyond, not because they have to, but because they want to. With the cost of lost productivity due to disengagement a staggering $500 Billion per year, no company can afford to ignore this issue. What if your managers are part of the 70% that self-identified as disengaged at work? How are they going to be able to lead and sustain a team of committed, satisfied and engaged employees? It’s time to turn our emphasis and energy into reengagement so that your workforce can move from woe to wow!

Learning Objectives:

» The Return on Investment (ROI) of engagement
» The underlying causes and symptoms of disengagement
» The Invisibility Index™ engagement diagnostic tool
» The 5-step ALIVE™ treatment plan for reengagement
» The role HR should and (equally as important) should not take on with regards to engagement


Ruth Ross
Ruth Ross
R Squared Resources
Ruth Ross spent 30 years as a senior human resources leader at top Fortune 100 companies, including serving as an Executive Vice President of HR at Wells Fargo Bank, from which she retired in 2011 to start her own company to focus on the critical business imperative of employee engagement. She works with companies and individuals to identify employee disengagement and create strategies for re-engagement.

Prior to joining Wells, Ruth was a VP at Charles Schwab where she oversaw a number of HR functions, including leading the pre-eminent employer initiatives that resulted in the company being named as Fortune’s number five employer in the country and managed the company-wide project to significantly downsize the organization after the dot com crash. Before relocating to San Francisco in 1996, she worked in New York for premier companies such as Citibank, PaineWebber, American Express/Shearson and Estee Lauder cosmetics where she ran HR for key divisions and had oversight at various times for employee relations, HR policy, employee engagement and management development.

Throughout her corporate HR career, Ruth was seen as an integral business partner to her clients and coached or counseled hundreds of managers on their journey to be the best leader they could be. She is a frequently requested speaker at industry events and is the author of “Coming Alive; The Journey To Reengage Your Life And Career” being published in June, 2014.