Quantum Leap in Employee Engagement through Leadership Excellence

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Scenario Planning Panel Discussion

Applying Scenario Planning to create robust, adaptive, resilient and transformative talent strategies.

Traditional 5-year plans and one-size-fits-all practices full of numbers and “connect-the-dots” exercises offer little to no help in the face of exponential and accelerating complexity. We have moved far beyond the planning philosophies of the past 50 years, needing new ways to measure, imagine, and move ahead that work within our new world of fast-paced change. Scenarios are an incredibly powerful tool due to their ability to immerse an organization into future probabilities, possibilities, and aspirational outcomes. These stories allow us to assess the validity, robustness and future-readiness of our current strategies, while also uncovering new ideas, products, and models that we may have otherwise missed.


Sarah Matney
Senior Curriculum Designer and Consultant,
Ingersoll Rand
Sarah Matney is a senior curriculum designer and consultant with Ingersoll Rand University, located in Davidson, North Carolina, at Ingersoll Rand's corporate headquarters.

She has been with Ingersoll Rand for nine years in learning and development. Sarah's main focus with Ingersoll Rand University is leadership development, specifically frontline to mid-level manager development.

Her responsibilities include the needs analysis, design, development, program management and the global deployment strategy for leadership curriculum. Her content areas of expertise include employee engagement, frontline supervisory skills, coaching, communications, change management, and behavioral interviewing. Sarah also has a background in marketing and advertising.