How Diversity Fuels Innovation

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Diversity is a critical attribute that fuels innovative cultures. A workforce with a broad range of perspectives and experiences will provide unique, open-minded and inclusive ideas—resulting in innovations that furnish the seeds for economic growth. To learn how to emphasize the creative power of differences over sameness, join us for a session that focuses on:

  • How diversity powers up innovation
  • What is an innovative culture
  • Cultivating innovative cultures
  • Using innovation to attract a diverse workforce

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russell miyaki
Russell Miyaki
VP National Interactive Creative Director
TMP Worldwide
Russell Miyaki is Vice President National Interactive Creative Director for TMP Worldwide and leads innovation initiatives for Fortune 500 clients while overseeing the development and creation of all interactive media. He is involved with ensuring that the highest of standards and best practices of interactive development are applied to all interactive projects. At the same time he is constantly focused on exploring new navigational schemes and information design that involves audiences deeper into the context of the message. His experience and knowledge of interactive media and human factors allows him to bring a strong balance of sound usability and intuitive exploration to each solution. Russell is one of TMP’s visionaries. He is the leader of a company think tank known as TMP Labs that is comprised of TMP visionaries tasked to stay in the forefront of emerging technologies, innovative cultures and trend indicators in talent acquisition. Russell has over 20 years of experience in advertising and design working for several consumer agencies and design firms renown for award winning work.