Engaging and Retaining TALENT: Guaranteed Results- Part A

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Derrick Barton, Chief Talent Leader, CEO, Center for TALENT SOLUTIONS
This hands-on, practical work session will show the linkage between your organization goals and what it
takes to increase engagement levels, improve performance, and create a place talent wants to stay.
Workshop Deliverables - At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to:
» CRACK the Talent Code - Equip yourself with tools to define what drives each person to engage and
perform at their best.
» CONNECT to Talent - Connect with your people to solve concerns before they become issues which
impact performance or engagement levels.
» Take ACTION - Surface and take action on the areas causing each person to perform at their best.


Derrick Barton
Chief Talent Leader, CEO,
Derrick Barton is one of the world’s leading experts in the practical implementation of talent practices. When the best companies have to solve big talent issues, they call Derrick.

His pragmatic approach helps organizations like Baylor Healthcare, General Electric, Microsoft, St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System, Johnson & Johnson, John Deere, and Unilever implement “real” solutions needed to deliver results.

Derrick is the Chief Executive Officer for the Center for TALENT SOLUTIONS - the elite partner
equipping organizations to make sure TALENT joins, engages, contributes, innovates and stays.

His upcoming book - Engaging TALENT: A Field Guide shows the work he did with 40,000 leaders to improve talent results and increase organization performance. He truly has seen what it takes to impact global talent results by working with top business leaders and frontline managers from virtually every part of the world.

Delivering pragmatic straightforward messages has become his trademark.

If you’re ready to take action… you’re ready to work with Derrick!