Cross Industry Case Study: The Monsters Inc Effect – Don’t Be Afraid of Reaching Candidates

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Candidates today are becoming increasingly effective at circumventing the recruitment cycle using tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Why are they going around us?  Because we are afraid to actually make ourselves available to them, to communicate clearly and using social media to our advantage.  The Monster’s Inc Effect refers to the parallel in the movie between recruiters relationship with candidates and when Sully realized a child touching him wouldn’t kill him.  Building your employment brand using technology has never been easier yet many companies just hope if they post jobs the candidates will come. Or worse, paying recruitment agencies upwards of 25% of a salary to find passive candidates that are sitting just a few clicks away. We will review how Adcap was named the #2 Hiring Company in the country by for its use of social media, employment brand websites, setting up an applicant tracking systems that FIND candidates instead of eliminate them, and cool technologies like video interviews, cultural assessments and instant chatting with its recruiters.  This session will be invaluable as you craft your recruitment strategy to attract candidates in 2015!

Brad Wilkins, Director Talent Management and HR Services, Adcap Network Systems #1 Top Individual Recruiter at a Corporation


Brad Wilkins
Director Talent Management and HR Services
Adcap Network Systems

Bradford Wilkins is the Director of Talent Management & HR Services at Adcap Network Systems. Adcap is the 2014 Cisco Collaboration Partner of the Year, AJC’s “Best Place to Work in Atlanta” and an “INC 5000” company. Brad specializes in innovative, talent-management strategies at growing companies. He has held architecture responsibilities for multiple integrated talent departments, incorporating talent acquisition, talent development and organizational development across a variety of industries. In 2014, Adcap was recognized as the #2 company in the U.S. overall for its hiring practices. Brad was named the #1 Recruiter in the U.S. by and he was awarded the 2014 SHRM-Atlanta a Pegasus Award, recognizing excellence and innovation in human resources. Recently featured in Talent Management Magazine, Brad has spoken at events for LinkedIn, Workforce Live, TLNT, ALI, The Conference Board, The Ladders, GSMI and The Talent Management Alliance. Brad is a graduate of the University of Maryland – College Park. Connect with him at