Creating Culturational Chemistry

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This session explores the cultural and generational diversity that is prevalent in today’s workplace and the importance of understanding, appreciating and respecting those differences in order to benefit from the value of that diversity. We will discuss the myths and realities that drive the cultural and generational gaps that exist and how to best bridge those gaps to create Culturational Chemistry in the workplace.

Session Takeaways:

  • This session will help you to identify and understand that we all have a collective generational purpose and responsibility in addition to our individual purpose and responsibility.
  • This session will remind you that we’re all on the same team and that team work really does make the dream work
  • This session will educate you on the power and value of embracing diversity to drive innovation
  • This session will inspire you to be more inclusive by illustrating the direct correlation between inclusion and commitment


tru pettigrew
Tru Pettigrew
CEO and Founder
Tru Access
Tru Pettigrew is Founder and CEO of Tru Access, which is an organization that bridges the cultural and generational gaps between multicultural millennials and corporate brands and agencies.

Tru Access provides Inspiration and Empowerment speaking engagements and coaching for the millennial audience and presentations, training and workshops on the corporate side. Tru spent 20 years working in youth and multicultural marketing at advertising and marketing agencies with clients such as Axe, Nike, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Home Depot. He uses that experience to help build a stronger work force and more productive work environments through building Culturational Chemistry.

Tru Access was born out of an observation and need to better prepare and equip our future leaders to maximize their potential as they enter the workplace as well as to help agencies, and corporations to create stronger climates of inclusion to be able to better identify and leverage the diversity and unique value that the existing and incoming multicultural talent offers.

Tru’s work in coaching multicultural millennials over the past 2 years combined with his 20 years of studying, mentoring and marketing to this audience has led him to the unique service offerings and approach that has been recognized as “an undeniable need for every brand an organization across the country seeking to employ and connect with multicultural millennials”.