Building Brand and Profitability through Pipeline Initiatives

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Is your talent management portfolio of products and services viewed as a profit center of your company?
Do you succeed to your professional satisfaction in partnership with your internal business unit customers?
The answer to this and related questions can be an important one for you and your team. The answer can be “yes” and can yield beneficial influence over your budget, your team’s performance standards and your leveraged value position in the company.

In this session, Nancy Burnett will engage an interactive session using a public/private joint venture as a case study: a collaboration between Morgan Stanley, Guggenheim Partners, NY City Bar and the Alliance of Securities and Financial Educators (ASAFE). This session will illustrate ways to roll up several business unit performance objectives into an integrated approach to talent management. Nancy will highlight recent
Dodd-Frank requirements for strategic TM performance that can be efficiently satisfied by this and similar models. The discussion will also provide opportunities to ask questions about the current status of the Dodd-Frank and HERA compliance requirements for talent management professionals, including board of directors talent management.

You will leave the session with refreshed ideas about:

» Private/Public joint ventures as:
» TM cycle efficiencies and accelerators
» Creating new business development options=new approaches for creating profitability
» Sources for new company and business unit brand originations
» Dodd-Frank compliance landscape
» Your obligations
» Your opportunities for leveraging
» Upcoming rulemaking and related marketing opportunities


Nancy Burnett
President, Alliance of Securities and Financial Educators
and Former Associate Director, Office of Minority, Women and Inclusion, Federal Housing Finance Agency
Nancy is the Acting Associate Director of OMWI at the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). The FHFA OMWI program is the only OMWI program with federal regulations requiring annual diversity and inclusion reports from its regulated entities, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Office of Finance and the twelve Federal Home Loan Banks. It is the only OMWI program empowered with enforcement authority and which regulations are based upon examination authority.

As FHFA’s OMWI leader, Nancy led a nine month Listening Tour of FHFA’s regulated entities, community groups, professional associations and other stakeholders as part of FHFA’s process for developing criteria and methods for measuring OMWI performance of FHFA’s regulated entities. Nancy is President and a founding trustee of the Alliance of Securities and Financial Educators (ASAFE), an alliance that designs and facilitates delivery of securities and finance curriculum to diverse student audiences. She is active as a public speaker before audiences in both the private and public sectors. She teaches graduate students at Georgetown University including courses in Diversity and Human Capital Management, Employee Relations, EEO Compliance, Succession Planning and Organizational Development. She formerly taught at Cornell's School of Industrial Labor Relations at the Manhattan location.

Nancy serves on the Board of Advisors of the DC Social Innovation Project, a nonprofit corporation that provides financial support and business design strategies for business entrepreneurs tackling social challenges in the District of Columbia. Nancy served for 15 years as Director and Senior Strategist with Tucker Spearman & Associates, Inc., a MWOB business consulting company with offerings in strategic business development. She is a member of the Steering Committee Partnership, a group of eight select federal agency executives working with OPM to design new programming and related measuring methods for federal agencies’ diversity and inclusion compliance with a new executive order. Nancy is a member of the Federal Interagency Diversity Partnership, a group of federal agency leaders that was called upon to provide input into the creation of the executive order that requires all federal agencies to create offices similar to the OMWI model.

Early in her career, Nancy worked on municipal finance offerings for housing projects, including offerings that required minority and women owned law firm participation. Nancy served as an attorney advisor at the SEC for 15 years. There she served as an attorney in the SEC’s Office of EEO and Office of Human Resources, handling projects in Strategic Human Capital, Labor Relations, Employee Relations, Diversity and Inclusion and Technology Innovations to improve and support HR and business processes. She advised those in HR and in other business units responsible for quality, risk analysis and program architecture related to new compliance rules for Diversity and Inclusion for federal agencies, financial regulators and among those regulated under Dodd-Frank. Nancy was an original and long-time member of the Steering Committee of the Defense Research Institute’s Diversity Committee, a national defense bar association that operates one of the largest supplier expos for minority and women owned law firms in the US.

Nancy began her career after law school representing women coal miners in tort and employment litigation and appeared on 60 Minutes related to this work. Nancy served in several capacities at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, including: overseeing the D C region’s six State and Local Human Rights Agencies’ contractual programs with EEOC; training investigators at EEOC and at the State and Local agencies; and working for a Commissioner.

Nancy is married to Charles Spearman and they have one daughter.