Workforce Planning 101 [Infographic]

As Vice President of Workforce Management Practice and Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group Mollie Lombardi wrote in this Workforce Planning blog post last year: “Workforce planning is…

Debunking the Stereotype: Use Branding to Make STEM Jobs “cool” and Attract 
Talent with Differentiation and Authenticity

There is a stereotype that if a student is interested in a STEM field of study, they must be a nerd. Hence, there are many that succumb to…

Generation Z: Understanding The Next Generation of Worker

Having grown up post 9/11, in the wake of the great recession and always connected online, Gen Z is an emerging group that your entire company needs to understand, from HR to marketing. Gen Z represents 23 million Americans born between 1994 and 2010.

Tying together Human Capital Analytics and Workforce Planning To Truly Impact Organizational Strategy

In order to be truly strategic, we need a complete view of the drivers of organizational effectiveness and the role that workforce planning plays relative to other HR…

Identifying Key Distinctions and Value Between Workforce Planning, Human Capital Analytics, & Talent Strategy

Advancing your organization’s journey to better workforce insight and projections and, in turn, better decision-making processes, requires that you clearly identify the value you can derive from among…

Talent Management Alliance Succession Planning Summit

Talent Management Alliance’s Succession Planning Summit, will examine the evolution of succession planning as we reveal how a number of best practice organizations are leading the way. Industry experts will share their experiences within the areas of workforce planning, career management, leadership development, high impact technologies, high potential assessment & development, and learning & development that can drive increased productivity and business excellence in your organization.

Practical Workforce Planning: From Theory to Practice

It is the era of the “datafication” of HR. Yet, for many companies, the promised benefits of workforce planning have yet to materialize. Workforce data is often difficult…

Challenges and Lessons Learned In A Decade of Global Recruiting

Global Recruiting has become a fundamental competency in our profession as more and more companies expand business or operations globally. This panel of corporate recruiting leaders will share…

Talent Management Alliance Inclusion Summit

TMA’s upcoming 2014 Inclusion Summit will be held at the Westin Buckhead in Atlanta, from September 22nd-23rd, 2014. Last year the event attracted over 100 Diversity & Inclusion executives and this year it is expected to attract more. The 2014 Inclusion Summit will feature practitioners and thought leaders sharing case studies, best practices and frameworks on measuring and assessing the inclusion journey and creating a strong business case for inclusion in organizations.

Workforce Intelligence & Strategy 2009 to 2019: Reviewing Change in the Workforce to Gain Insights on Managing for SWP

Join us for this stimulating 60 minute session on intelligently managing workforce change, communication, and diversity, where we will look back and look forward with a grounded, robust and targeted discussion on applying change management for Strategic Workforce Planning.

Hiring for HCAHPS: How Human Resources Can Influence Patient Satisfaction Scores

You can consciously hire better candidates that help achieve outstanding patient satisfaction scores—and many human resources leaders are already doing so. Increasingly hospitals are hiring based on an employee’s proven ability to conform to HCAHPS standards.