Learn How Cisco Leverages Flexible Work Practices to Increase Engagement.

Scenario Planning Panel Discussion Applying Scenario Planning to create robust, adaptive, resilient and transformative talent strategies. Traditional 5-year plans and one-size-fits-all practices full of numbers and “connect-the-dots” exercises…

Inclusion vs. Diversity in Your Organization

In this webcast Jacqueline Robertson, Senior Director of Inclusion & Diversity at Grainger and Mary Ann Downey, Principal at HR Metrics Coach, will provide a framework on how to think about inclusion and diversity, and how they fit together.

Creating a Customer Centric Environment

George Larribas from Wells Fargo will discuss the five phases to creating a customer centric environment, how to view the customer service as a journey not a destination…

Case Study: Unleashing Hamptonality from the Inside Out

A case study on how a brand 30 years young, built on the pillars of quality, value, cleanliness, and consistency has created differentiation through its culture Participants will…

Build Effective HRBP and Manager Partnerships for Organizational Success

Talent management must be a top priority for all managers in an organization. Partnering with HR & Recruiting professionals will drive effectiveness in the process, but it is the organizational leaders who must embrace a talent management mindset.

Coming Alive: The Journey To Reengage Your Life And Career

Nobody is immune to employee disengagement, the fast spreading affliction that costs organizations $ 500 Billion per year in lost productivity. The issue is sweeping across the business world and touching nearly every industry with 70% of the workforce self-identifying as being disengaged.

Creating Culturational Chemistry

This session explores the cultural and generational diversity that is prevalent in today’s workplace and the importance of understanding, appreciating and respecting those differences in order to benefit…

How to Avoid Undermining Your Workplace Culture of Service – Recruiting for Service Excellence

Mission Statement, Vision of Excellence, or Commitment to Service. Healthcare organizations have different names for the concept, but in the end, the terms mean the same thing.

The Five Drivers of Happiness at Work

And the “science of happiness at work” has big benefits for individuals too. If you’re really happy at work, you’ll solve problems faster, be more creative, adapt fastest to change, receive better feedback, get promoted quicker and earn more over the long-term.

Do Happier People Work Harder?

Employee engagement may seem like a frill in a downturn economy. But it can make a big difference in a company’s survival. In a 2010 study, James K. Harter and colleagues found that lower job satisfaction foreshadowed poorer bottom-line performance.

The 3 Ways Candidates Get Beheaded Expecting Counter Offers

RJ’s basic premise is that counter offers come across as fake and forced when provided by a boss or employer who’s been ignoring the employee in question for months if not years. RJ’s on the money with his take on the issue, but there’s an important qualifier that the candidate side needs to understand: You never take an offer to your employer as a conditional resignation expecting that they’re going to counter. As soon as you do that, you’re screwed. You’ve overplayed your hand.