The Consumer and Employer Brand Relationship

A positive consumer brand, especially coupled with a great product can create momentum and excitement and attract candidates to the company. On the flip side, a negative consumer brand can create disgruntled job seekers who don’t believe the employer brand.

Keeping the Best Onboard, How to Keep Your Talent Engaged and Away from the Competition

The growing demand for STEM talent in our country has produced a highly competitive market and it is more often than not difficult to attract and retain talent….

Innovation & Creativity: Our Key to Success

Innovation is the key to development and economic growth. It’s been the key success factor of our nation over the last several decades and now that we are…

Opening the Pipeline: The Impact of Starting STEM Education Early

In the last decade, talk about “the leaky pipeline” has led to efforts at the college and high school levels. However, by 4th grade, 33% children express negative…

How to Identify and Hire “A” Players who will Drive Success

Not all employees are created equal. Research shows that “A” players outsell their peers by at least 48% in sales positions, have a more positive affect on customers than other employees

Recruitment Revolution: Social Media Strategies and the Elusive Talent Pipeline

Talent is the only sustainable advantage in a global knowledge economy. It just may be the one competitive differentiator that determines if a company thrives in the future…

Case Study: The Short story Behind Case-Mate Ground Floor Growth, New Media Technology and Award Winning Talent Attraction

In November 2011 Case-Mate found themselves with 60+ openings, which in reality was 60 jobs titles printed on an excel spreadsheet. No talent acquisition department, no ATS, no…

Case Study: Strategies for Reaching Passive Candidates More Effectively and Building True Talent pipelines at CH2M

With global labor shortages, an aging workforce and fiercely competitive recruitment of scarce resources, the ability to not only identify passive candidates, but also to foster sustainable relationships…

Talent Acquisition Technologies: Shiny Objects Gone Wild

In today’s world of talent acquisition technologies, you’ll want to know what is important and what is not. What are the technologies that really work, which are the ‘nice to haves’ and which ones can you leave behind?

Talent acquisition & engaging critical talent are top challenges for organizations

Talent acquisition and engaging critical talent are top challenges for organizations Banking and financial services along with the manufacturing sector doled out higher salary hikes compared with other sectors in 2011, according to a Compensation Trend Study from Deloitte.