The impact of student loan benefits on your employees.

Everything you need to know about how student loan benefits can affect employee recruitment, engagement and retention. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN – The struggle of student debt is real…

Anthem Inc. Case Study: How Higher Education for Working Adults Improves Employee Engagement

Changing demographics, increasing customer centricity, and widening skills gaps are bringing new challenges to the workforce. Learn how and why a small business-education pilot in New Hampshire turned into a nationwide initiative for Anthem, Inc.

Developing and Empowering Your Future Leaders with a Self-Directed Learning Strategy

We’ve entered the content curation era. The number of learning resources has exploded, and content is readily available and easy to access. 85% of employees do not feel the training they are getting at work is preparing them for their next position, so they’re taking learning into their own hands

Four Simple Secrets to Engage Employees & Increase Performance

Engaged employees equal higher-productivity and performance, lower turnover and advocates of your brand which translates into more qualified future candidates and overall success.

How Predictive Talent and HR Analytics Apply to Deliver Superior Patient Centered Care

As healthcare providers, we can only deliver consistently high quality through talented patient care teams. Through predictive talent analytics, TalentMine’s Team Quality Match (TQM) has been scientifically linked to improved HCAHPS, CAHPS, Safety, Employee Retention, Employee Engagement and reduced Patient Length of Stay.

Human Capital Analytics 3.0: Integrating Enterprise Analytics for Deeper Business Insights

HR and human capital analytics in organizations today are providing more and more insights into patterns of employee behavior and talent management that previously seemed “hidden” in data…