What’s Next in the Evolution of Recruitment and How to Stay One-Step Ahead

Technology is changing rapidly, and hiring has become more and more competitive. To be an employer of choice, recruitment can no longer be viewed as the support function that fills vacant positions. Recruitment must be a strategic business partner, able to match business and recruitment goals to each other and articulate the impact not reaching them creates.

Inclusion Sold Separately

A lot of organizations treat inclusion like its sold separately. You’ve taken the time to pull together a diverse team, but until you effectively include those team members into the organization, you wont enjoy the benefits of the diversity. It’s like having an amazing gift that requires batteries, without the batteries.

Coming Alive: The Journey To Reengage Your Life And Career

Nobody is immune to employee disengagement, the fast spreading affliction that costs organizations $ 500 Billion per year in lost productivity. The issue is sweeping across the business world and touching nearly every industry with 70% of the workforce self-identifying as being disengaged.

Driving Cross-Generational Engagement Through Succession Planning

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Panel Discussion: Engaging Women and Minorities in the Workplace

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The Next Level – HIPO Role Transition Management

This session will show you how you can reduce the risk of high potential derailment by building leaders up through the pipeline to HIPO.

Talent Acquisition with Engagement in Mind – Bok Financial

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Using Social Medias to Engage the Hourly Employee at Gate Gourmet

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The Industry’s Most Critical Pipeline – Enticing the Next Generation of Leaders

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Change in thinking, personal development key in helping generations mix in the workplace

While challenges exist, Stefanie Hanz, a millennial talent acquisition specialist and another 2012 event speaker, says employers shouldn’t fear multigenerational workplaces. Having employees from a wide range of ages can be a real benefit, she says.

When in Rome… Embrace the Culture & Share Some of Yours

Things are different in society today. We have a better understanding of the importance and the benefit of diversity and being inclusive. If we all simply conformed to the ways of the majority everywhere we went, that would limit our own personal growth and the value that we can contribute to that organization, culture or group.