Panel Discussion: Does D+I Needs Its Own Office?

Does having an established Diversity & Inclusion office or initiative give you an advantage in succeeding as an inclusive organization? Do you need a Diversity & Inclusion office…

Inclusion vs. Diversity in Your Organization

In this webcast Jacqueline Robertson, Senior Director of Inclusion & Diversity at Grainger and Mary Ann Downey, Principal at HR Metrics Coach, will provide a framework on how to think about inclusion and diversity, and how they fit together.

Inclusion Sold Separately

A lot of organizations treat inclusion like its sold separately. You’ve taken the time to pull together a diverse team, but until you effectively include those team members into the organization, you wont enjoy the benefits of the diversity. It’s like having an amazing gift that requires batteries, without the batteries.

Workforce Intelligence & Strategy 2009 to 2019: Reviewing Change in the Workforce to Gain Insights on Managing for SWP

Join us for this stimulating 60 minute session on intelligently managing workforce change, communication, and diversity, where we will look back and look forward with a grounded, robust and targeted discussion on applying change management for Strategic Workforce Planning.

Supplier Diversity: What is the Business case and what does it have to do with me, the D & I Professional!

What is the supplier diversity business case; is it the same for public, private, and nonprofit entities? How can we effectively integrate it with Diversity and Inclusion for greater partnerships and synergies?

How Diversity + Strategic Leadership = Breakthrough Business Impact

Join this session as us we discuss fresh insights about the new waves of Diversity and how Strategic Leadership has the potential to fully integrate Diversity and Inclusion into organizational cultures and drive long-term, self-renewing strategic performance.

Why Multicultural Millennials Need to Embrace Generational & Cultural Diversity

For millennials to better prepare themselves to land jobs, I strongly suggest building and expanding your generational networks as early as possible. And make sure those generational networks are as racially and ethnically diverse as your social circles. The longer and stronger your relationships are with these decision-makers, the better.

When in Rome… Embrace the Culture & Share Some of Yours

Things are different in society today. We have a better understanding of the importance and the benefit of diversity and being inclusive. If we all simply conformed to the ways of the majority everywhere we went, that would limit our own personal growth and the value that we can contribute to that organization, culture or group.

America’s Veterans & the American Workforce

This wide-ranging discussion touches on the disappointing unemployment rate for veterans of the Iraq-Afghanistan era and suggests a number of reasons why—based on their military training and experience transitioning service members make superb employees in all industries.

Companies doing more to attract, retain veterans

Veterans are entering today’s workforce at the highest clip since World War II as the military draws down its forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. Just over a year ago, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched its Hiring Our Heroes program…