PANEL DISCUSSION: Building the Case for Candidate Experience – From the Evidence

What exactly would it mean if candidates and employers were ‘partners’ when it came to sharing information about themselves during the business process we call ‘recruiting’? Would it…

Talent Management Alliance Inclusion Summit

TMA’s upcoming 2014 Inclusion Summit will be held at the Westin Buckhead in Atlanta, from September 22nd-23rd, 2014. Last year the event attracted over 100 Diversity & Inclusion executives and this year it is expected to attract more. The 2014 Inclusion Summit will feature practitioners and thought leaders sharing case studies, best practices and frameworks on measuring and assessing the inclusion journey and creating a strong business case for inclusion in organizations.

No I in Team – Inspiring Leaders for Workplace Collaboration

Global organizations need executives who excel at collaboration, innovation, and managing change. Most leaders agree that effective collaboration is more important than ever in today’s turbulent business environment….

Building Culture

In an interview with Norm Sabapathy, Executive Vice President of People for The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited we discuss culture as a management discipline and how it can be architected to affect organizational behaviour.

Connecting the Dots of Innovation – Making Collaborative Innovation Work Where You Work

An innovation only exists for a very brief moment before it goes sour like milk. Breakthroughs don’t conform to authoritative leadership practices because they advance at unpredictable speeds…

How Diversity + Strategic Leadership = Breakthrough Business Impact

Join this session as us we discuss fresh insights about the new waves of Diversity and how Strategic Leadership has the potential to fully integrate Diversity and Inclusion into organizational cultures and drive long-term, self-renewing strategic performance.

The Consumer and Employer Brand Relationship

A positive consumer brand, especially coupled with a great product can create momentum and excitement and attract candidates to the company. On the flip side, a negative consumer brand can create disgruntled job seekers who don’t believe the employer brand.

Change Your Culture Exponentially

In this dynamic keynote, Kristen will share how you can develop your top talent to prepare them to become the next senior leadership team by focusing on critical…

Cultural Competence

As the workforce continues to diversify, organizations must establish work environments that enable their talent to thrive and succeed in cross-cultural situations. The best way this can be…

How Diversity Fuels Innovation

Diversity is a critical attribute that fuels innovative cultures. A workforce with a broad range of perspectives and experiences will provide unique, open-minded and inclusive ideas—resulting in innovations…

Workforce Planning Case Study: Royal Dutch Shell

A look into Strategic Workforce Planning at Royal Dutch Shell globally. Tailoring workforce planning to the key characteristics of the organization Answering business questions at the top table,…