Companies doing more to attract, retain veterans

Veterans are entering today’s workforce at the highest clip since World War II as the military draws down its forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. Just over a year ago, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched its Hiring Our Heroes program…

Multiple factors keeping unemployment rate high

When looking at the economy, it seems everything is headed in the right direction: the stock market is up; the housing market is the strongest it’s been in years; and corporate profits are skyrocketing. Despite all that good news…

Conquering the New World – Finding Leadership Talent in Emerging Markets

The expected growth in demand — in both operations and talent markets — in emerging countries has led to a significant shift in the emphasis and configuration of…

How to Avoid Bad-Hires through Reference-Checking

How often have you hired someone with a great track record who turned out to be a bad hire? Knowing more about a candidate’s previous performance can help you objectively assess the candidate’s ability to be a top performer.

Talent Acquisition Technologies: Shiny Objects Gone Wild

In today’s world of talent acquisition technologies, you’ll want to know what is important and what is not. What are the technologies that really work, which are the ‘nice to haves’ and which ones can you leave behind?

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: Myth vs. Fact in Engaging Women in Oil and Gas

Women comprise 46% of the total U.S. labor force. With almost half of the workforce being women, female employees aren’t exactly a rarity. For most women today, getting a job is an expected part of life.

The Evolution of Reference-Checking into a Strategic Hiring Solution

Research from SHRM shows that 96% of human resources professionals check references, yet less than 25% of those checks are able to produce adequate information beyond employment verification….

The Five Drivers of Happiness at Work

And the “science of happiness at work” has big benefits for individuals too. If you’re really happy at work, you’ll solve problems faster, be more creative, adapt fastest to change, receive better feedback, get promoted quicker and earn more over the long-term.

Employee Motivation Tips: The Why Matters

For leaders of any kind — managers, supervisors, business owners, coaches, teachers, or parents — the lesson in this story is key to understanding what might motivate someone to take action…. When you find ways to communicate with people about issues bigger and more emotional to them — to them is the key point here — they will move to action to accomplish the goal.

Do Happier People Work Harder?

Employee engagement may seem like a frill in a downturn economy. But it can make a big difference in a company’s survival. In a 2010 study, James K. Harter and colleagues found that lower job satisfaction foreshadowed poorer bottom-line performance.