“Life Swap” – Experiential Cross-Cultural Development for High Potentials

Learn how Dow created a cross-cultural development experience for select promising talent high potentials around the world, with the intent of developing cultural acumen.

From Red to Black – The Hidden Earning Potential of Recruiting

It’s no secret that one of the biggest expenses and assets for an organization are employees. From recruiting and hiring to training and retaining, managing human resources is…

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later – Drawing on Words of Wisdom from Jack Welch

For nineteen years, we’ve studied the most prevalent reasons for executive hiring failure and determined many of these could have been predicted and therefore avoided. A key to avoiding many of these costly mistakes is doing the necessary work up front, carefully determining the critical success factors and objectively assessing the best candidates available against those criteria.

The Industry’s Most Critical Pipeline – Enticing the Next Generation of Leaders

In the face of a graying workforce and a competitive labor market, it is vital for energy companies to attract a new generation of skilled workers to fill…

Case Study: The Short story Behind Case-Mate Ground Floor Growth, New Media Technology and Award Winning Talent Attraction

In November 2011 Case-Mate found themselves with 60+ openings, which in reality was 60 jobs titles printed on an excel spreadsheet. No talent acquisition department, no ATS, no…

How to Avoid Undermining Your Workplace Culture of Service – Recruiting for Service Excellence

Mission Statement, Vision of Excellence, or Commitment to Service. Healthcare organizations have different names for the concept, but in the end, the terms mean the same thing.

Talent Sourcing – Build, buy, rent or all of the above?

The default position for most recruiters and business leaders facing skill or capacity gaps is to hire. However, sometimes the best answer isn’t to hire, it’s to build…

How Automated Online Reference-Checking is Changing the Hiring Game

Research from SHRM shows that 96% of human resources professionals check references, yet less than 25% of those checks are able to produce adequate information beyond employment verification. What happened to reference-checking?

Change in thinking, personal development key in helping generations mix in the workplace

While challenges exist, Stefanie Hanz, a millennial talent acquisition specialist and another 2012 event speaker, says employers shouldn’t fear multigenerational workplaces. Having employees from a wide range of ages can be a real benefit, she says.

Bridging the Gender Gap – Attracting & Engaging Female Energy Professionals

To meet the need for people to replace those due to retire during the “big crew change,” energy companies must attract, retain, and promote a more gender diverse…

America’s Veterans & the American Workforce

This wide-ranging discussion touches on the disappointing unemployment rate for veterans of the Iraq-Afghanistan era and suggests a number of reasons why—based on their military training and experience transitioning service members make superb employees in all industries.