How Enterprise Talent Acquisition Organizations Fail Badly At Enterprise-Wide Acquisition Technology Launches

Our panel of technology oriented experts will candidly share their efforts at trial and error when addressing adoption failures that require consistent tinkering, adjusting and refining tools and…

From Teams of High Performers, into High Performance Teams

In high-velocity, complex businesses, one of the opportunities for HR leaders is helping groups of strong individual performers to maximize their performance as leadership teams. Unlocking the talent…

Build Effective HRBP and Manager Partnerships for Organizational Success

Talent management must be a top priority for all managers in an organization. Partnering with HR & Recruiting professionals will drive effectiveness in the process, but it is the organizational leaders who must embrace a talent management mindset.

How to be Strategic While Minding Tactical HR Duties and Balancing a Heavy Workload

This session will present strategies that truly proficient HRBPs must master in order to attain the fine balance between the standard transactional HR operations in conjunction with delivering strategic support to the business.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Building the Case for Candidate Experience – From the Evidence

What exactly would it mean if candidates and employers were ‘partners’ when it came to sharing information about themselves during the business process we call ‘recruiting’? Would it…

Innovative Ways to Leverage Social Media for Your Advanced Recruiting Needs

Social recruitment is blowing the doors off of the recruitment models of the past and presenting organizations with the means to advance traditional recruiting elements like sourcing, selecting, hiring and branding to new levels. It’s use is growing exponentially and utilizing platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, and even Pinterest, have shown that an online community is not only imperative for recruiting, but it can be built and managed to reach the audience you want, even on platforms that weren’t built with recruiting in mind! However, like with any new technology or practice, to yield results leaders must be mindful and communicate, train and earn support in order for their social strategies to succeed.

The Big Crew Change and the Coming Era of Digital Energy

Average age of a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers continued an increasing trend in 2011, with the average reported age being 44 years, compared to 43…

No I in Team – Inspiring Leaders for Workplace Collaboration

Global organizations need executives who excel at collaboration, innovation, and managing change. Most leaders agree that effective collaboration is more important than ever in today’s turbulent business environment….

Connecting the Dots of Innovation – Making Collaborative Innovation Work Where You Work

An innovation only exists for a very brief moment before it goes sour like milk. Breakthroughs don’t conform to authoritative leadership practices because they advance at unpredictable speeds…

All In the Search – Building a Recruiting Culture

In every profession, there’s a hierarchy of common strategies that organizational leaders can select from and implement to meet the needs of their organization. In the recruiting profession,…

Talent Management Alliance HR Business Partner Strategy Event

Talent Management Alliance’s (TMA) upcoming 2014 HR Business Partner Strategy Event. Held at the Palomar Hotel in San Diego California, from October 28th-30th, 2014. The inaugural 2014 HR Business Partner Strategy Event will feature practitioners and thought leaders who will share case studies about the strategic challenges HR Business Partners face.