Building Brand and Profitability through Pipeline Initiatives

Is your talent management portfolio of products and services viewed as a profit center of your company? Do you succeed to your professional satisfaction in partnership with your…

Grabbing the Attention of Millenial Talent in a Competitive Market

In this session, Fidelity Investment’s Executive Vice President of Asset Management Human Resources will share how they have successfully crafted a brand and strategy that has not only…

Panel Discussion: Affinity, Employee, and Business Resource Groups – Assessing Their ROI

What are your Affinity, Employee, and Business Resource Groups bringing to the table? Are they adding to your bottom line? In this panel we will discuss the various…

What’s Next in the Evolution of Recruitment and How to Stay One-Step Ahead

Technology is changing rapidly, and hiring has become more and more competitive. To be an employer of choice, recruitment can no longer be viewed as the support function that fills vacant positions. Recruitment must be a strategic business partner, able to match business and recruitment goals to each other and articulate the impact not reaching them creates.

How Big is Your Personal Branding Social Footprint and How Does it Affect Your Employer Brand?

It’s clear that the paradigm shift between social media as a means to catch up with buddies to a resume list companies pull from is moving fast – scary fast! But before you start folding your resume into paper airplanes just yet, there is a way to stay ahead of the curve and actually land a great gig.

The Elusive, Passive, Technology Candidate: Customizing Your Brand Strategy

The experienced, or “passive candidate”, especially in the STEM industries holds a lot of power and it’s important to understand what is important to the passive STEM candidate and how to focus your brand to attract them.

Increasing ERG ROI through Leadership Development and Member Engagement

Corporations around the globe are utilizing employee resource groups as a method for driving recruitment, retention, and engagement within the workplace as well as business results. But, what impacts are these groups actually having?

Inclusion vs. Diversity in Your Organization

In this webcast Jacqueline Robertson, Senior Director of Inclusion & Diversity at Grainger and Mary Ann Downey, Principal at HR Metrics Coach, will provide a framework on how to think about inclusion and diversity, and how they fit together.

Applying Scenario Planning to SWFP to create robust, adaptive, resilient and transformative talent strategies

Scenario Planning Panel Discussion Applying Scenario Planning to create robust, adaptive, resilient and transformative talent strategies. Traditional 5-year plans and one-size-fits-all practices full of numbers and “connect-the-dots” exercises…

Tying together Human Capital Analytics and Workforce Planning To Truly Impact Organizational Strategy

In order to be truly strategic, we need a complete view of the drivers of organizational effectiveness and the role that workforce planning plays relative to other HR…

Identifying Key Distinctions and Value Between Workforce Planning, Human Capital Analytics, & Talent Strategy

Advancing your organization’s journey to better workforce insight and projections and, in turn, better decision-making processes, requires that you clearly identify the value you can derive from among…