Connecting the dots between Strategic Talent Management, Business Strategy, and Strategic Recruitment!

In our volatile global economy with both rapid technology and market change, staffing executives have come to expect that frequent changes in strategy and tactics are a given…

Predictive Hiring: How to Predict Which Candidates will Succeed in Your Organization – SkillSurvey

The facts are clear – most companies today need to do a better job selecting talent. Recent survey data collected by the Corporate Executive Board indicates that nearly…

Innovative Ways to Leverage Social Media for Your Advanced Recruiting Needs

Social recruitment is blowing the doors off of the recruitment models of the past and presenting organizations with the means to advance traditional recruiting elements like sourcing, selecting, hiring and branding to new levels. It’s use is growing exponentially and utilizing platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, and even Pinterest, have shown that an online community is not only imperative for recruiting, but it can be built and managed to reach the audience you want, even on platforms that weren’t built with recruiting in mind! However, like with any new technology or practice, to yield results leaders must be mindful and communicate, train and earn support in order for their social strategies to succeed.

Talent Alternatives – Tapping Unconventional Labor Pools

The perennial shortfall of talent in Energy industry is an ever-increasing threat to the productivity and prosperity of the sector. Increased employee attrition due to an ageing demographic…

Centralization, Selection and Standardization: Building an Effective and Efficient Talent Acquisition Process at UPMC

Health systems are realizing that talent will be the differentiator in providing cost-effective, patient-centered care. How do you build an efficient, effective talent acquisition process across diverse business…

All In the Search – Building a Recruiting Culture

In every profession, there’s a hierarchy of common strategies that organizational leaders can select from and implement to meet the needs of their organization. In the recruiting profession,…

Hiring for HCAHPS: How Human Resources Can Influence Patient Satisfaction Scores

You can consciously hire better candidates that help achieve outstanding patient satisfaction scores—and many human resources leaders are already doing so. Increasingly hospitals are hiring based on an employee’s proven ability to conform to HCAHPS standards.

Gain Recruiter Buy-in for Social Recruiting with Training and Tools

The best social media platform with the best candidates is worthless if your recruiters don’t use it. This webcast will focus on giving recruiters easy-to-use tools, & foundational training on sourcing & social recruiting.

The Consumer and Employer Brand Relationship

A positive consumer brand, especially coupled with a great product can create momentum and excitement and attract candidates to the company. On the flip side, a negative consumer brand can create disgruntled job seekers who don’t believe the employer brand.

How to Jumpstart Your Talent Communities with Great Content and Internal Support!

In this webcast, Katrina Collier will share 10 ideas for quickly creating and sharing valuable content that will attract new candidates, showcase your people and employer brand, and keep your fans (talent pool) engaged.

How Science and Compliance Work Hand-in-Hand within Pre-Hire Assessments

Hiring the best talent is a top priority. Properly implemented, pre-hire assessments can help predict future job performance, turnover, and cultural fit and avoid costly and time-consuming audits and potential lawsuits.