Leadership: New skills for a new age

By Jim Fisher and Rose Patten What does leading mean in a diverse, globalized workforce that must be engaged with a broad, corporate vision, yet in a way that fits with employees' local cultures, values and expectations? What does leadership look like in an organization where aging baby boomers, accustomed to a top-down management style,…


The Leadership, Enhancement & Acceleration Program

The gap is growing between the demand for future HR leaders and development programs tailored to supporting performance breakthroughs. High potentials have displayed the aspiration to meet this demand, but often express frustration with the resources available for guidance, practical learning, and alignment with their organizational career paths. McLean & Company has designed the Leadership…


At Full Velocity: Executive Effectiveness in a Transitory C-Suite

Insuring your effectiveness and longevity as a CEO requires serious reflection on important questions, including: Are you creating an open and honest relationship with your board? Have you established a long-term vision? Are you charting career paths for high-potential executives? Are you relentlessly striving for excellence? Volatility, change and turnover are facts of life in the C-Suite. Certain factors can be controlled, others cannot.…

Employee Motivation Tips: The Why Matters

Article Summary For leaders of any kind — managers, supervisors, business owners, coaches, teachers, or parents — the lesson in this story is key to understanding what might motivate someone to take action.... When you find ways to communicate with people about issues bigger and more emotional to them — to them is the key point here — they will move to action to…

20 Sep 2011