How to Develop an Agile and Innovative Talent Strategy

Develop a winning talent strategy that strives for increased agility and innovation.

To thrive in today’s retail marketplace, you need an innovative, forward-thinking talent strategy—one that leverages the new set of “rules” for attracting and retaining talent that embraces the digital revolution.

Anthem Inc. Case Study: How Higher Education for Working Adults Improves Employee Engagement

Changing demographics, increasing customer centricity, and widening skills gaps are bringing new challenges to the workforce. Learn how and why a small business-education pilot in New Hampshire turned into a nationwide initiative for Anthem, Inc.

Developing and Empowering Your Future Leaders with a Self-Directed Learning Strategy

We’ve entered the content curation era. The number of learning resources has exploded, and content is readily available and easy to access. 85% of employees do not feel the training they are getting at work is preparing them for their next position, so they’re taking learning into their own hands

How HP Motivates Their Employees to Embrace the Employee Referral Program

A successful employee referral program solicits candidates from existing employees who know the workplace culture and job requirements.

Driving Employee Engagement Through Social Media

While social media continues to have a profound effect on the way we are able to connect and share with people outside the office, many organizations in the…

Building Brand and Profitability through Pipeline Initiatives

Is your talent management portfolio of products and services viewed as a profit center of your company? Do you succeed to your professional satisfaction in partnership with your…

Engaging and Retaining TALENT: Guaranteed Results- Part A

Derrick Barton, Chief Talent Leader, CEO, Center for TALENT SOLUTIONS This hands-on, practical work session will show the linkage between your organization goals and what it takes to…

Job Seekers And Recruiters Say Skype Not Suited For Interviewing

With 250 million people using Skype each month, why do only 24 percent of active job seekers and 39 percent of recruiters agree that Skype is easy to use for a job interview?
The next challenge is the candidate experience. For hiring organizations this means that the positive candidate experience they’ve worked so hard to create is suddenly at the mercy of a piece of technology that is not within their control.

Systemness: A Context for Cultivating a New Caliber of Leadership

Health care needs a new strategic framework to support fully integrated and coordinated care, intense physician engagement, and organizational consolidation. To succeed, provider organizations will inevitably need to adopt a “systemness” approach to health care—and many already are.

Reengaging Your Workforce: Moving from Woe to Wow!

Engagement is what motivates people to not only feel dedicated to their job and their life, but also to feel rewarded by what they do and how they…

Panel Discussion: Affinity, Employee, and Business Resource Groups – Assessing Their ROI

What are your Affinity, Employee, and Business Resource Groups bringing to the table? Are they adding to your bottom line? In this panel we will discuss the various…