4th Annual Inclusion Summit

4th Annual Inclusion Summit Developing the Strategy and seeing it through – Miami, FL, April 20 2016 – TMA’s 4th Annual Inclusion Summit is now open for registration!  This…

SkillSurvey Rant: Job References from Worthless to Priceless

Reference Checking: You’re Probably Doing it All Wrong We hate old school-reference checking. It’s almost a total waste of time. Even worse, it prevents HR departments from doing…

Disability Talent Attraction & Retention & AT&T

In this session we will take a closer look at disability inclusiveness within your organization. Join this session as AT&T’s Disability Talent Attraction Lead, Avalyn Jackson, shares how…

Panel Discussion: Does D+I Needs Its Own Office?

Does having an established Diversity & Inclusion office or initiative give you an advantage in succeeding as an inclusive organization? Do you need a Diversity & Inclusion office…

Recruiting for a Diverse Workforce

Recruiting for a Diverse Workforce There is a strong and growing focus on diversity in the workplace, unfortunately diversity recruiting poses a particular challenge for employers in STEM…

Inclusion vs. Diversity in Your Organization

In this webcast Jacqueline Robertson, Senior Director of Inclusion & Diversity at Grainger and Mary Ann Downey, Principal at HR Metrics Coach, will provide a framework on how to think about inclusion and diversity, and how they fit together.

Inclusion Sold Separately

A lot of organizations treat inclusion like its sold separately. You’ve taken the time to pull together a diverse team, but until you effectively include those team members into the organization, you wont enjoy the benefits of the diversity. It’s like having an amazing gift that requires batteries, without the batteries.

Talent Management Alliance Inclusion Summit

TMA’s upcoming 2014 Inclusion Summit will be held at the Westin Buckhead in Atlanta, from September 22nd-23rd, 2014. Last year the event attracted over 100 Diversity & Inclusion executives and this year it is expected to attract more. The 2014 Inclusion Summit will feature practitioners and thought leaders sharing case studies, best practices and frameworks on measuring and assessing the inclusion journey and creating a strong business case for inclusion in organizations.

Supplier Diversity: What is the Business case and what does it have to do with me, the D & I Professional!

What is the supplier diversity business case; is it the same for public, private, and nonprofit entities? How can we effectively integrate it with Diversity and Inclusion for greater partnerships and synergies?

How Diversity + Strategic Leadership = Breakthrough Business Impact

Join this session as us we discuss fresh insights about the new waves of Diversity and how Strategic Leadership has the potential to fully integrate Diversity and Inclusion into organizational cultures and drive long-term, self-renewing strategic performance.

Driving Cross-Generational Engagement Through Succession Planning

Attracting, engaging and retaining top talent across the generations requires a talent management and succession planning strategy that intentionally addresses the key motivators, interests and goals of multiple…