The impact of student loan benefits on your employees.

Everything you need to know about how student loan benefits can affect employee recruitment, engagement and retention. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN – The struggle of student debt is real…

How Hospitals are Helping Employees Tackle Medical School Debt

  “Student loan-repayment programs have multiple benefits: they are a nice enhancement to a base compensation, they set organizations apart from competitors and they provide a valuable attraction…

Turnover: The Cost, the Causes, and a Sustainable Solution

Healthcare is a labor intensive industry. Whether you are looking at front line staff, nursing, physicians, or leadership, there are dollars tied to the inability to retain talented…

Healthcare in 2016: Building a Targeted Talent Acquisition Strategy to Combat Looming Challenges

The US healthcare market is undergoing unprecedented regulatory, financial and competitive disruption. Care providers’ roles are changing rapidly, and mainstay healthcare delivery strategies that were successful in the past will not suffice in the future.

Customer Success Story Selecting the right LMS for Compliance at Centra Health

Top-tier health care providers such as Centra Health, an award-winning, nonprofit Virginia, US-based health care provider, know that quality of service and care are absolutely critical in order…

Six growing roles and the 55 skills they have in common

  This updated industry report is a refresh of College for America’s original 2013 workforce strategy report, “The Rise of the Medical Assistant—and five other frontline and nonclinical…

People in Health Care

Health care reform and its implementation have taken a toll on every aspect of the industry from the delivery and cost of services to staff engagement. Most in the industry will agree that navigating through these changes is not an easy feat. What makes managing change even more difficult is the pace of change; in 2014 alone, more than a dozen health care reform provisions were implemented.

Systemness: A Context for Cultivating a New Caliber of Leadership

Health care needs a new strategic framework to support fully integrated and coordinated care, intense physician engagement, and organizational consolidation. To succeed, provider organizations will inevitably need to adopt a “systemness” approach to health care—and many already are.

Research results – impact analysis

In today’s consumer-driven health care market, organizations are measured by how successfully they deliver care. So DDI wanted to know how ratings of patient safety and satisfaction related to key leadership practices.

How Predictive Talent and HR Analytics Apply to Deliver Superior Patient Centered Care

As healthcare providers, we can only deliver consistently high quality through talented patient care teams. Through predictive talent analytics, TalentMine’s Team Quality Match (TQM) has been scientifically linked to improved HCAHPS, CAHPS, Safety, Employee Retention, Employee Engagement and reduced Patient Length of Stay.

Hiring for Healthcare Excellence and the Patient Experience

Creating the best patient experience through hiring PeaceHealth Southwest’s best caregivers Understanding the impact recruitment has on patient experience and how organizations can increase patient loyalty through hiring…