The impact of student loan benefits on your employees.

Everything you need to know about how student loan benefits can affect employee recruitment, engagement and retention. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN - The struggle of student debt is real - How employee benefits should be involved - ROI for student loan benefits - How to offer student loan benefits      SoFi is a new kind…


How Hospitals are Helping Employees Tackle Medical School Debt

  "Student loan-repayment programs have multiple benefits: they are a nice enhancement to a base compensation, they set organizations apart from competitors and they provide a valuable attraction tool"           Win the battle for talent with strategic tuition assistance and student loan repayment programs. EdAssist® has helped more than 80 hospital…

01 Nov 2016

Customer Success Story Selecting the right LMS for Compliance at Centra Health

Top-tier health care providers such as Centra Health, an award-winning, nonprofit Virginia, US-based health care provider, know that quality of service and care are absolutely critical in order to become a community’s preeminent choice for health-related services.             NetDimensions Healthcare is a current sponsor for TMA's upcoming People in Healthcare 2015. The Summit…


Six growing roles and the 55 skills they have in common

  This updated industry report is a refresh of College for America’s original 2013 workforce strategy report, “The Rise of the Medical Assistant—and five other frontline and nonclinical healthcare jobs that are growing in number, complexity and importance.”   Report highlights: ► With 21,965,600 workers in the healthcare industry projected by 2022, it’s the largest segment of the United States economy. ► Nonclinical, community and social…

People in Health Care HR Conference

People in Health Care

Miami (October 29th, 2014) Today, the Talent Management Alliance (TMA), shared additional details about its upcoming 2015 People in Health Care Summit. The event is to be held at The Westin San Diego, CA on January 29th – 30th, 2015. The 5th Annual People in Health Care Summit will focus on the needs of health care organizations as they navigate industry reform with strategic…

29 Oct 2014

Systemness: A Context for Cultivating a New Caliber of Leadership

  Health care needs a new strategic framework to support fully integrated and coordinated care, intense physician engagement, and organizational consolidation. To succeed, provider organizations will inevitably need to adopt a “systemness” approach to health care—and many already are. Individuals who could make exceptional leaders in a systemness environment might not “look” like leaders who perform at high levels in a traditional environment. Organizations…


Research results – impact analysis

In today’s consumer-driven health care market, organizations are measured by how successfully they deliver care. So DDI wanted to know how ratings of patient safety and satisfaction related to key leadership practices. To do this, we incorporated HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) scores for the 47 hospitals that participated in the Global…